Hi J, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

I’ve been pretty busy finishing up my new EP, shooting videos and planning out the next few months.  But I love what I do so being busy is a good thing!

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Over”?

I experimented with sounds and mixing different genres on that song and it wound up setting up the direction my EP went in. It’s an r&b/ electronic track that deals with the depths of breaking up. Knowing you have to move on from someone but not being able to.

Did any event in particular inspired you to write this song?

I’ve had many times In my life where people or situations were not good for me but it took me a long time to let them go. I usually stick things out until the bitter end and this song is about me almost screaming to myself that “it’s over”. Once you say the words out loud, it’s easier to cut out the toxic people and things from your life.

How was the film experience?

I loved shooting the video because I completely trusted the director Jon Pivko. He allowed me to be the talent that day and focus on my performance rather than what I usually do, which is direct and produce the whole thing myself! Ha. It was great to let go a little on that shoot and focus on the story I was trying to tell.

How was the recording and writing process?

I was really invigorated by the process this time because I allowed myself to experiment with different sounds and instruments. This EP mixes elements of EDM, electro pop and r&b and has a more mature mood than my previous releases. Going in this new direction was very inspiring to me.

What was it like to work with Noisecastleiiii and how did that relationship develop?

I contacted him and let him know how much I loved his previous work. We then began discussing music and eventually working on some tracks together. I had no idea we would write so many songs together but it felt really natural. I love his musical instincts and he can take a song to a place I never would have thought of which made me excited to keep recording and writing.

How much did he get to influence the single?

After I wrote the lyrics and melody to OVER he went back in his studio and messed with the vocals and track until he created the song you hear today. He really tore the song apart and put it back together again, creating a whole new track from what we started with. I was floored when I hear the final mix. I loved it.

How has NYC influence your music?

There’s an energy and intensity to NYC that influences everything I do, including my music. I walk down the street and it inspires lyrics or song ideas. Life is happening all around you in NY and it’s easy to get inspired by that.

Does the new single mean we can expect a album – how’s that coming along?

Yes the EP is done and will be released in October. The first EP focuses on the dark side of life and love and how both can feel like they’re turning against you. Then in the spring the second installment of the EP will be released, which focuses more on the light at the end of that dark tunnel.

Any tentative release date or title in mind?

I’m still working on the title but the first EP will be out the third Friday in October.

You are known for your anti-bullying campaign – what draw you into this?

I was the victim of bullying when I was growing and could see as an adult how it negatively affected me.  I wanted to let other kids know who may be going through the same thing that they can get through it as well. Finding my passion- music- saved my life and I want kids to know having their own passion will get them through the difficult times.

Are you currently supporting one right now?

Yes. My #istandwithjline campaign is how I bring awareness to my mission.

How can people help?

People can find more information on my website about bringing us to their community or school for a performance. But most of all I want everyone to be aware of the bullying culture we live in and realize all words and comments-even online ones- have an impact and can have a lasting negative impact. Words can be weapons so be very careful with how you use them.

Any plans to hit the road?

This fall I’ll resume my #istandwithjlinetour all over the US and hopefully sprinkle some club dates in there as well for fans. I’ll update all my tour dates on social media @jlinemusic so that would be the best way to keep up on my performance plans.

What else is happening next in JLine’s world?

More touring, more music. Just basically more of what I love. My 9 episode docu series is premiering here for the next few weeks and I’m really excited about giving people a real, behind the scenes look at what it’s like to be an indi artist and make this all happen on my own. It’s not easy but if you’re passionate about something you can make the impossible possible.

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