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Hi guys, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Rob – I have a stomach ache right now.

 Lauren-I feel pretty good!

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “One More Thrill”?

Rob – it’s our newest video and the song we like to end our sets with because of its guttural energy and excitement. It also features Lauren’s tap dancing fury.

Did any event in particular inspired you to write this song?

Rob – I’d say it was looking around at the way, in this society, we feel this need to construct our lives and follow a certain path.   This song is about having ambition and desire to break free from that paradigm and take a chance with your life.  You know, YOLO.   Lmao!

How was the filming experience?

 Rob – Brutal.  Lauren and I each almost passed out.  She had a physical meltdown at one point and we had to stop shooting.  You can hardly blame her as she was drumming her ass off in a 100 degree desert under direct sun wearing dresses and high heels.

 That being said, as we were shooting it we knew there was something really incredible being created.  Mike Bruce (director) has a great eye and likes to be inventive with his techniques and edits.   We couldn’t be more stoked with how it turned out.

 Lauren-There was a lot of dry heaving, and some definite complaining on my part. Hahah. But there was a lot of fun had too.

 How was the recording and writing process?

 Rob – We recorded it all in Echo Park at our apartment.  It’s a second story unit surrounded by trees and a slanted wooden ceiling.  It feels a bit like a treehouse.

 We wanted the song to combine the passion and urgency of rock and roll with the punch and nuances of modern and futuristic sounds.  We used kick samples and fuzzed out synths along with echoes with long feedback on some of my “hey”s and shouts to give it a certain atmosphere.   I wanted to capture the yearning quality of bands like Suicide along with the grit and punk/rockabilly attitude of bands like Eddie & The Hotrods and King Krule.   I feel like there’s a touch of Iggy Pop, Johnny Cash and early Bruce Springsteen in there too.

 Would you call this a departure or a follow up of your previous musical projects?

 Rob – Good question.  Maybe a bit of both.   We definitely wanted to embrace a more modern sound and include my production experiments as part of our sound both live and on record.   We love older music and have always had a retro element to our projects.   In this case we wanted to explore modernizing and pushing it forward even more.   For a long time I’ve been loving bands like Ratatat, Gorillaz and Air.  I wanted to see if I could incorporate our own version of those modern sounds into our world.

 How’s your new album coming along?

 Rob – Great.

 Any tentative release date or title in mind?

 Rob – February 2017.   Not sure.  Maybe “One More Thrill”.  Or maybe self titled.   I suppose we better get on that.

 Lauren- Titles are so hard!!

How are you preparing for this tour? Any highlights?

 Rob – We are currently adding a new song “Turn Out The Lights” which is a new feel for us and a little darker and more sexual in tone.  We do a fun cover of “Mystery Train” which was made famous by Elvis Presley.   This tour is really helping us hone our sound and performance with this project.  We rehearse a lot in our tiny shoe box and sometimes Lauren plays topless when she gets too hot.  She seems to play better without any clothes on.

 Lauren- I just live in that shoebox. And practice, practice, practice.

 What’s been like to share the stage with Sister Sparrow?

 Rob – really nice people and very talented players.  Arleigh Kincheloe is a force and there is rarely a night I’m not totally blown away by her stamina and abilities as a vocalist.  I feel like she could go on a show like The Voice and slay it.

 Lauren- The put on such a wonderful show. It’s been a joy to watch their performances and admire their talent-everyone in that band is so damn good.

 What else is happening next in KOLARS’ world?

 Rob – we just shot a video for a new single “Dizzy”.   It’s gonna be a fun and ‘out there’ greenscreen performance video by our friend Trevor Wiggins.  He’s a really talented videographer.  You can check out his awesome photography and videos at www.chrevorwiggins.com   He does these great cutout collages.  Sort of like a more modern take on the Terry Gilliam work for Monty Python.

 This video was fun cause there’s no pressure.  We just basically danced around like idiots and got wacky in front of a green screen.   Then we sent that footage to him in Texas and he gets to have fun playing with it and creating something he is inspired by.

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