Interview: Wishes On Creating An Ethereal Delight

This week sees us speaking with Australian artist Wishes, who talks us through creating the stunning “I Want To Be Alone With You” – and how the accompanying video came about.

What are your own musical influences? Are there any in particular you draw from when writing? 

I love a lot of Australian dance music producers – people like Flume, Cosmos Midnight, Flight Facilities etc. as well as psychedelic bands that lean in a pop/dance direction – like Neon Indian, Tame Impala. I think you can hear a bit of all of these acts in Wishes.

What first inspired “I Want To Be Alone With You”? We love this tune!

Thanks! Originally I came up with the chord progression and vocal melody, which appealed to me because it felt simple yet effective. Lyrically I wanted to keep it simple, it’s not a particularly deep song – but I do think it’s a sentiment that everyone can relate to. It was inspired by Saturday nights, hoping to rendezvous with someone.

Will you be coming over to the UK/Europe on tour this year?

I would love to, but it looks like I will be playing around Aus for the rest of the year – Definitely in 2017!

Wishes - I Want To Be Alone With You (Official Video)

What was it like working with director Gareth Davies for your latest single’s official video? 

It was an experience in itself – he’s very talented and passionate, and has a clear vision. The video is definitely his work, although he was definitely open to collaboration throughout the process. What a lot of people don’t know is that the final version of the video is definitely a very ‘G’ rated version of what was originally shot. Gareth’s original intention was to have a lot more nudity – in a classy way. It didn’t really sit well with everyone, we watched the first cuts and it was beautiful, but pretty confronting. There was a lot of editing and effects used to get it to the final version, but it was a fun and creative process.

In terms of future collaborations, are there any artists that you’ve got your eye on to potentially work with?

I’m open to collaborating, but it’s not something we have in mind for the next release. There are a few Australia vocalists, like Kucka and Gordi, whom I’d love to work with.

What is the best piece of advice you’ve been given in the industry?

To work hard! You only get out what you put in. That and to enjoy yourself – otherwise what’s the point?

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