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INTERVIEW: Daniel Green Show

Hi Daniel, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Thank you so much. I am great… waiting in anticipation for my album release on August 19th. It’s been a very busy year… one of my best,both personally and musically. Thanks for having me in your magazine…it’s a privilege. 

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Here Comes The Silence”?

“Here Comes the Silence” is about saying goodbye. In most people’s eyes, goodbye is the end; but in my eyes, goodbye is a new beginning. Like, you see a forest that has burned down and you might say, “What a shame…it was a beautiful forest.” But in reality, it’s the exactly the opposite. New trees and bushes will start to grow…everything will have a fresh new start. This song is like a calling card for my music and personality…like this song, I am full of surprises.

Did any event in particular inspired you to write this song?

Everyone has probably experienced this: You’re in a relationship with someone who, up until yesterday, was everything for you. But now, being in the same room with them is unbearable. You have gotten to the stage where you get up in the morning and realize you can’t stand them anymore and you just want to leave. That’s where the “silence” comes in…you’ve got nothing left to talk about anymore.

How was the film experience?

I was lucky to meet Tony Filipic, who is a super talented film guy.Tony taped us playing at two venues: The Whisky A Go Go and Molly Malone’s in LA. We mixed Tony’s live footage together with some street shots we did on Sunset Blvd. in West Hollywood. I wrote this script about a girl chasing her man that just wants to get away from her.

The single comes off your new albumBetween Two Worlds – why naming the album after this track in particular?

That’s a good question. Ibelieve we don’t have any control over our lives, even though we feel like we’re in control. We only have free will to decide what’s right and what’s wrong.

How was the recording and writing process?

It was a long process. I started this project a few years ago. Recording “Here Comes The Silence” took quite some time until I was happy with the results. I added a backup singer to give it a “duet” feel. Recording it in my home studio gave me the time to play with it and explore new sounds. Putting the tracks for the other tunes like “Blur”, “Unfeeling” and “Dead Man” in the studio took a very long time, finding the right riffs and the right rhythms, then getting the lyrics and vocals just right. We even recorded a song together with legendary bass player Harvey Brooks, who played with Bob Dylan, Miles Davis and Jimi Hendrix, but unfortunately that song wasn’t ready on time for this album, I hope to release it in the future somehow. The recording atmosphere at the studio was great, everyone was on fire and even Marc (Ford), who hadn’t played with us before…it was like he had been with us for years. It was such a good vibe. Mike Stang on bass brought his style and the drums were so sharp. Later I sent the tracks to Phil Anderson, who did the mixing for our songs (except “Here Comes The Silence”). He did magic with them. Finalizing them by Maor Appelbaum with the mastering process, I was finally very satisfied with the outcome

What was it like to work with Marc Ford and how did that relationship develop?

I think that in some way the foundation for this relationship started way back in 1992, when I first heard The Black Crowes album The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion.I remember listening to “Sting Me” and “Sometimes Salvation,” thinking to myself,“I wish I could play like that guy!” So my guitar heroes wereMarcand JimiHendrix. Throughout the years, I had the chance to see him play live few times at Black Crowes shows in Europe. In the fall of 2014, I started to work on my music again, forming the current band. I wrote a couple of songs with wishful thinking: “I wish Marc Ford would play with me on this song!” I never dreamed it would actually happen only 8 months later. Meeting Marc at the studio was a great experience…suddenly the door opened, and Marc was there, holding a guitar in one hand and shaking my hand with the other. Technically, we worked on “Hypocrite,”and Marc used his guitar to make incredible sounds and solos. It was an awesome experience to see first hand how he works with his guitar. We also worked together on “Chasing Ghosts” and Marc played all the solo stuff while I played all the rhythm.

Later on we worked on “Chasing Ghosts” I played all the rhythm stuff and Marc did all the solo work all over the song.

Marc also co-wrote “Reservoir Road,” an instrumental, with me. We were on recording break, and Marc startedcasually playing a riff on his guitar. My bass player Mike joined him, and then myself and our drummer joined in. Our producer pressed “Record,” and we have the final outcome on the record: “Reservoir Road.”He has also played a few live shows with us, and we hope that will happen again when we play in Los Angeles for the album release show. Stay tuned!

How much did he get to influence the album?

Because the Black Crowes and Jimi Hendrix are the main influences for my music, you can hear it well on the album. There are songs where you hear a definite Marc Ford influence, and obviously the ones he played on! When I listen to the two instrumentals we recorded with Marc, they remind me of thelong psychedelic jams The Black Crowes used to play live when they toured.

Does LA play a role in your music?

Yes, it does. LA is great, besides the traffic issues, because I believe it’s the capital of the music business. You’ve got to have some kind of connections in LA if you are a serious musician.We are going to start with a west coast tour, and are having a debut album party at the Whisky a Go Go on August 21st.

How has Israel have influenced you as an artist?

Israel is so musically diverse. In Israel, you can turn on the radio and hear a rock n’ roll song, followed by a Greek song, then another type of song. And pop music is everywhere. You get a lot of styles playing in your head.

What aspects of your faithand what surrounds you get to explore with this record?

I think that more than anything, of making choices and right and wrong are topics that I reference throughout the album…especially in the current state of the world, where people so confused.

Any plans to hit the road?

Yes, I am very excited about it! We will be going on tour to support the release of “Between Two Worlds” starting August 18th in San Diego. Then play the Whisky A Go Go in Hollywood on the 21stfor our album release gig. After that, we’ll travel up the coast to play gigs in Santa Cruz, Oakland, Portland, and will finish the tour at the legendary El Corazon in Seattle WA on September 1st.  In total, we will be playing 10 shows in 9 cities along the west coast.

What else is happening next in Daniel Green Show’s world?

Right now, all my thoughts and efforts are on this debut album release and ourupcoming summer tour. I’ll probably film another video on the road, and might even hit the studio at some point to record another song.

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