Interview: Paul T & Edward Oberon On Being Part Of V Recordings

This week we get talking all things music and production with drum and bass producers Paul T & Edward Oberon, who are currently enjoying the success of their latest EP “Stay Forever”, which is out now through V Recordings. 

When did you guys originally start making music together?

It all started about 8-9 years ago. Around 2011, we once had separate musical careers, and decided to join forces to enjoy drum and bass music and create a different approach to what we do. We love it.

What works best about the partnership do you think? 

The balance of character, as well as musical style. We keep each other even keel, and it creates the perfect environment to bounce ideas back and forth. Two minds are better than one.

What else is planned for the year ahead in terms of releases?

We continue to release with V recordings into the new year with excitement surrounding our new endeavours, our fan music video for “Fire” will be complete and up for viewing quite soon – keep an eye out as we map our progress. To get involved, drop us a line on Facebook. On future release front, our personal label Tilt Audio will also be releasing some of our newest work, with a penchant for the more liquid side of D&B. In the wake of our V release and our future Tilt Audio releases, we now offer Tilt Audio and Paul T & Edward Oberon merch which can be purchased from the label directly. Onwards and upwards”, as the adage goes.

What is your studio arrangement/set up like? Do you like to change things up for each release? 

We both have studios with recording, synthesizing, editing and producing capabilities. We both use a mixture of software and vintage and classic hardware, and repurposed effects units. Just to highlight a few pieces in our cave, we specifically we use a Motu 828, Korg NanoKontrol & MicroKontrol. Mackie 824 monitors and a Mackie 1604 Mixing board. Allen & eat ZED10fx, Juno 106, and a handful of repurposed effects pedals by Boss and Digitech . Software wise Logic, Cubase and FL studio are normally used, Ozone and waves plugins .

How did the new EP take shape? Did you set out specific intentions for each track to begin with?  

The EP was originally 3 very different tracks that came together to form one release with a bit of everything. We wanted to flex our muscles with liquid once more, and play on the more abrasive side with the others, add a dance floor vibe and also a dirty sub vibe… it all worked at the end.

Can we expect to hear a full LP at some point?

Our album is taking form now and will be developing over the next year. We are very excited about the project and love the process involved in creating a large scale work. Stay tuned! We will be posting progress as it develops through our socials.


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