Hi guys, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?
HEY! We have been radical! Suns out, ice cream in the hand, beer chilling…what more could we ask for!?

Can you talk to us more about your single “We held hands once and then she got embarrassed”?

Did any event in particular inspired you to write this song?
Daryl (drums) came up with the initial idea for the song. His pet name for his better half is “Bubblegum” and he set out to write a “confectionery” based song plus he’d been watching copious amounts of Wreck-It-Ralph which probably aided the whole “sweets” thing.

Getting stuck after the first verse and chorus Daryl took the song to Luke (Vocals, Guitar) and the two finished the lyrics…. and it kind of turned into a sickly sweet love / sex innuendo song.

Any plans to release a video for the single?
The video for this single is OUT NOW and can be currently seen on YouTube.

The single comes off your new album I Don’t Know… It’s Fun Though, isn’t it? – what’s the story behind the title?
With most of our song titles and album / E.P titles they’re taken from film/ tv quotes.

We had our last photoshoot in a bowling alley and wanted to use some of the shots of us messing around. Our manager Dan suggested the quote which is from the film Kingpin. Added to the fact that Bill Murray says it (who we all love) we thought it was perfect.

Also, we know that some people find it kind of hard to fit us in a particular genre. All we know is that it’s fun alternative music. With this release being the first non DIY release it’s hopefully going to reach more ears, we thought it was a good introduction to Hello Bear.

How was the recording and writing process?
It was all great! We’d had these songs (and a bunch of others, 12 in total) written while we were recording a DIY follow up to our début album.

Before writing these songs we were kind of stuck with knowing which way to take the band. With everything we do, we wanted to progress as a band. We’d experimented with real heavy sounds, twee sounds and even blues and country.

We were driving back from a gig and singing our lungs out to Weezer, late 90s / early 00 pop punk and McFly (guilty pleasure) and decided we wanted to essentially write accessible heavy pop-rock songs. With this in mind, we steamed ahead with the writing. The songs came together pretty quickly.

Recording took a LOOONG time. It took like a year! It was a combination of everyone’s availability, money and just making sure that these (12) tracks were the best they could be!

What was it like to work with Lee Batiuk and how did that relationship develop?
Working with Lee was amazing! Lee is an amazing producer and I think he made us sound the best we ever have on a recording.

It’s pretty funny that we hear from people saying “Lee is a great producer, but he’s always grumpy”. The first day we got into the studio he was sitting in his chair in a dark room like a Mafia kingpin saying what he does and why bands are crap and some don’t know what they want and they’re wrong..blah blah blah Guns N Roses…. then he had a smoke… We were like … have we done something wrong?!

I think it was halfway though day one when he cracked a smile from us being,..well us, and even a couple of days later he invited us out to the pub with him, his girlfriend and mates.

We shared the same dry humour and have decided that if the option of five people marrying each other becomes legal, then we’re all over that!

How much did he get to influence the album?
Lee provided a lot of influence. He thought our songs were great and for him it was refreshing to record a band like us as he’s so used to working with mainly metal bands. We were open to any idea he had and very up for experimenting with sounds and such. It really improved the sound of the songs and some of his input really made a lot of the songs. The guy is an audio genius!

What aspects of life and joy did you get to explore with this record?
Love. Friendship. Nostalgia. Sex. Tooth ache.

Any plans to hit the road?
We are planing to hit the road with odd dates around the UK. If the responsive to this E.P is good then we’ll plan a tour.

What else is happening next in Hello Bear’s world?
I guess our next big thing other than the release is we’re playing the 1st UK Pez Dispenser gathering after party!

The actual event is all things PEZ, displaying vintage to modern PEZ dispensers as well, trading PEZ, purchasing PEZ and PEZ related games and activities.

The main event is happening on the 20th Aug at The Garage, Norwich. With the after party being held at Gonzos Tea Rooms, Norwich in the evening.

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