Erman Baradi (@Erman_LA) Talks With Outcast’s Star Madeleine McGraw

Cute doesn’t come to mind when you think of exorcism stories but it’s hard not to think it with rising star, Madeleine McGraw. Co-starring on Cinemax’s hit drama Outcast this summer, which has already garnered a season 2 renewal way in advance, it’s not a bad gig launching a Hollywood career with “The Walking Dead” creator Robert Kirkman as a boss. Still, the 7-year-old talent remains bright-eyed and humbled having a job most people double her age only dream of having.

“It was on accident. They saw my sister on a picture in the mall and that started her acting career. Then, I started. I love it,” Madeleine enthusiastically reflects when talking about her start. While her friends find it “really cool” to see her on the small screen, Madeleine’s family is a support system like no other being she isn’t the only McGraw in the industry. “I have a twin brother, an older brother and a little sister. We are all working actors and models. My twin brother and I were lucky enough to be in American Sniper together. Although, we never worked on set at the same time. It was so fun sharing the red carpet with him in New York. It was our first red carpet and so it was so special to walk it holding his hand.” Growing up in the industry together, the McGraw children continue to play pretend on and off the screen. In that case, acting is a full time job. “Playing dress up with my little sister is the best!! We pretend all kinds of things. If I have a choice of playing with friends or my little sister, I usually play with my sister.”

On set, Madeleine does not find her character Amber – daughter of lead character Kyle Barnes played by Patrick Fugit – hard to connect with. “I love my dad so much like Amber does,” Madeleine explains, referencing the pilot episode in which Amber’s father and mother share a quite complicated dynamic. “Amber misses her dad and is living with her mom. She isn’t sure of what’s going on with her parents.” Set in Rome, West Virginia, Outcast centers on a reclusive Kyle traumatized by traumatic events in his childhood. “Dealing with his demons” are actually literal in this possession piece when a local shows signs similar to Kyle’s childhood experiences. What’s Amber involvement in all this? Let’s just say the past has a way of coming back full circle. Madeleine’s portrayal of Amber has been met with critical and fan acclaim so far.

While the expectations of life as an actress can be at time grueling – from memorizing lines to rehearsals to early call times to more lines to memorize – Madeleine looks at all this with a sense of naivety. Luckily, she has humor to boot! “I like working on set and rehearsing lines but my favorite part is…craft services!” exclaims Madeleine. That does not mean her career isn’t taken seriously. “I’m learning things along the way. I didn’t know anything before acting about industry. As for the show’s themes, she is learning along the way as well. “I’ve never seen a horror movie!” she reveals.

Outside of Outcast, Madeleine gets to be a kid a revel in her favorite pastimes. “I love soccer! I am usually the smallest on the team, but that doesn’t stop me. Sometimes people think Just because I’m small, they won’t need to block me or worry about me. But they quickly learn, I’m in it to win it! I love playing on a team!” opens up Madeleine on her preferred sport. Her hobbies don’t stop there, and neither does her career choices. “My other big dream is to be a hair and makeup artist. I love spending time with the makeup and hair stylists on set and I always ask tons of questions.  All the hair and makeup people I work with are always so kind. I usually leave set with a new hair product or some sort of makeup. After working this one particular job a couple of years ago, the hairstylist gave me one of those heads with hair to practice on. I still play with it!” For the remainder of the year, the young star has something else to get excited about. “I am a huge Star Wars fan! I especially love Rey from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. I used some of my job money to buy a Rey costume. I am counting down the days until they release Rogue One.” Who knows? Perhaps we’ll be seeing the rising star in a future Episode.

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