Mr.Riot is a Hard’n’Heavy / Street / Melodic Hard Rock italian band, they are having a little place in the american music market with their album Same Old Town, the american dream is coming into their life! Mr. Riot is a high-speed train and once on board, the music make us a long and powerful travel. Same Old Town, for the Greek label Sleazsy Rider, is a hard rock creature that looks at the past, although this music comes to us as fresh and very well done.

High rhythms like in the dynamic opener Scream and Shout, the trip on this train starts in the best way possible.

The track Mr. Riot is a beautiful chaotic rock and remind us the first Motley Crue era with very strong 80’s inprints, here the band express itself at 100%.

Rock’ n Roll is a hymn to the music we love most, great guitars and cool sound that male us think to the freedom rock music gives us.

In each track the voice of Stevie Lee is an aggressive lunge, supported by bandmates Mr.LadiesMan (Guitar), Angeless (Guitar), Denny Riot (Drum), Edgar (Bass). Wild Raw could easily be son of a Skid Row song mixed with a Pretty Boy Floyd one, but the good thing about Mr. Riot, is that they don’t compare to anyone. Just fresh new sound made with strong passion.

America is the real spirit of the entire album, the big desire of living the USA when of the hard rock golden age.

We all are grow up with hair rock and the american dream, let this band lives their personal one and make us happy to follow them.

MR.RIOT, are hard to lock them in only one genre with their rhythms. Unfairly labeled as glam group, the band ranges in very hard rock with points that recall the ’80s but reworked and made more aggressive .

Mr. LadiesMan, the indomitable guitarist on stage, is here to explain the evolution of the group and their musicality growing.

– First of all, welcome and congratulations again for the exhibition at the Legend Cub in Milan. For those who still do not know you, can you explain how and when the group was formed?

MR- Hello everyone! Thanks to you for the live and for the welcome, and I feel I owe you another thanks to the “Unfairly labeled as glam”, really thank you for this, what a relief!

Then, I Mr. Riot born from the ashes of a band formed by Angelo and Denny in 2013. After the defeat, the band decided to call Stefano with keytar for a new, more particular project, still on the line 80 ‘. 4/5 pieces were “ready” (I explain why then after “ready”: D), I often heard them because they felt in my old rehearsal room. They decided to do a live in Novara as evidence of the group, at the time were called “Bittersweet”, and they needed a bass player. So ‘they asked me to cover them for that date, and that’s why the pieces “ready”: 4 were almost improvised, both live and in the room: how could I learn it? : D I still laugh. Anyway the gig went well, there was now an incredible feeling, I enjoyed as a child that night! At the end of the concert we got together and we talked about it, so I remained in the band, but I passed on the guitar! Lacked the bass player, we have changed exactly 4 before reaching the current, Andrea. So we decided to give the real name of the band, Mr. Riot, born from an abbreviation of “Midnight Riot”, then creating a whole history behind this name. Begin I live and the answer is immediately amazing to us, we did not expect. So we decided to work seriously, grind km and experience, put to work on what was to be our first album, which was released on 02/02/16 for Sleazy Rider. The Mr. Riot are nothing but a band that has a craving to be on stage, having fun as hell, whose only purpose is to get together and party with the public, and I have to say that we removed a lot of satisfaction until now! We had several difficult moments in the band, but Mr. Riot are union before being a band, and we are here, getting stronger!

Scream And Shout is a bit of a crazy charge, very hard and with enviable sound from any American band.

Your influences are typical of the 80s, like every band that plays your kind, what influences you and what inspires you?

MR- I smiled, halfway around the world often go on the radio right “Scream And Shout”. We can say that Same Old Town was primarily written by Mario , Denny , Angelo and Stefano regard riffs , structures , melodic line , etc. , with influences to Tommy bass , bassist before Andrea , influenced by Trash Metal . Our influences are all different :

Mario : Old and Modern Metal / Trash / Death / Heavy / HardRock / Punk

Denny : HardRock and Metal Modern

Angelo : Glam / HardRock

Stefano : Mainly 70 years , but I would call it : The Jukebox : D

-About The debut Same Old Town, I feel in addition to a basic hard rock, punk musicianship that I found most of all live sound. It may be or am I to have sound hallucinations?

MR- All can be. Me and Denny before we played in a punk-rock band, so it can be! I have heard for years punk band (you can see from the ridge?: D). Angelo has played in a band influenced by punk, so it may be that you’ve got there: D

-As It seemed so far the public response and criticism about you is the point of view of concerts and album?

MR- I will be the most sincere and humble as possible: we arrived at the end of the first part of the Same Old Tours, we looked inside and the result was: W O W!

In such a short time to have “created” a good part of the public, having ground so many kilometers, having had the opportunity to do 64 total dates, being abroad, having played with the likes of a certain thickness, reach the final to Sweden Rock Contest with Italian and foreign support, it was all an incredible feeling. As for the record, we had an excellent response, to be the first record and be passed only six months, luxury is gone I would say! We got quite a fan club in Japan, and now we also have an incredible support from America, where we are moving very well … But I can’t say any more for now…

The criticism I always think it’s good, it helps you to grow and to become strong, this is the only thing that I can say.

-Make Rock music in Italy means to be a niche? As I said you, sometimes it happens that those who become famous in danger of falling into compositional quality and cross the line and become too commercial. What do you think?

MR- It’s a complicated topic… I think that in Italy we have several talents, and many times we get lost in stupid things .. Too War in the Underground and zero support among the band, too much jealousy, those watching every move you make, why, where , when, who invents you pay for playing so much. Many times it is also impossible to get support each other, so you pull out and just. Very few bands that go Next to their own way, without doing too much “controversy.”

Even the rush to get “the” causes us to lose what in fact really matters, which is to be united and stay with the feet on the ground. I think that, nowadays, spend 10 € for a night out for a drive, then give up to 2 beers, maybe even with an entrance behind, it is a gesture of incredible importance, and tell you the truth: I can still to move me for this.

I still hope, with my brothers, being able to write more music like it in the first place to us, and it never comes to get bored. Famous or not, before it becomes a job, you have to do it for you, anyway, that’s what I think.

-You’re a very instinctive group on stage, in recording studio how do you feel? I mean if you feel related to the fact of having to be closed in a studio and not have the adrenaline of a live .

MR- We were tense , it was our first job , our baby . We have spent the soul , many times even a fight , it was a difficult period , but in the end the union is strength, and dissolved the tension we did. The only less “serious” that could felt ok in studio was Angelo, on the solo of ” Same Old Town ” and ” Wild Raw” him if he danced quietly : D . So many times I and Stephen went out of the study , with recordings freshly made, we threw on the stereo in the car, we looked: Many were the times that I listened to all pre mix and someone began with : look what chills on my skin!

I also admit that we were very stressed, me and Denny we were out outpourings on the skin from stress . I am due to release of several nervous tics also .. In short , we kept it really too much to this work , and when they arrived discs at home we looked with a tear : ‘ ) are things that you have to live , are emotions that seems to explain trivial , but when you’re in it and see the light , it’s a crazy joy.

-How to proceed in the songwriting? You are in the rehearsal room all together and jam along , or the writing of the songs is performed by someone and then working together to perfect them?

MR- Same Old Town was written a bit to the good , in the sense that reached the riff and jammed above .. And many times the song has remained so , with some arrangement after .. the only one that has been ” improvised ” was America including solos .. For other pieces , after “jam” , I write batteries and register the rhythmic carpet . On this record we were a little lost because we were never all together to compose , because live . So many times we were only Stefano and I , many times just me and Angel, many times just me and Denny , many times only Angelo and Stefano , in short , never all together , unfortunately , what we will not do with the 2 albums.

-About registration , I mentioned to me that you are working on a new album . Stylistically change something or you will keep the same line of Same Old Town?

MR- Yes, we officially began the work of the second album, we have in mind some collaborations and we already have the record date, but I can’t say more for now

Stylistically? Mh… I think it is an evolution of the band. Hearing The first pieces that come out early to say wow, when you work together is a whole other thing! I can say that it is much more particular Same Old Town, we are exploiting much more the keytar with sounds much more special. We are not striving to create something different, mind you, we’re just getting the best out of ourselves. The fact that some of us have studied, and some of us are still studying, very conditions the thing, and it is fortunate,

everything becomes more full and particular at the same time. We will work for a long time, we really want to put all that we can give, and create our “cool”! do not want to repeat the mistake of Same Old Town, in here there will be everything about Mr. Riot J I will be tough, but then as someone said: “The Second Album Is Always the Hardest In An Artist Career”!

-I thank you for time you having dedicated to this interview, I’ll leave you all the space you want to say something to the readers .

MR- It’s me who thank you for the space, indeed, we are, Mr. Riot, that thank you!

We want to thank everyone for the tremendous support received. I know it sounds trite and repetitive, but for us it’s really important! We will return more loads than ever, we hope to return to the scene with something that can hit you!

See you soon, JOIN THE RIOT !

by Valeria Campagnale

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