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Tascione Is No Longer “Smoke & Mirrors” Thanks To New Release

Ensuring that he attracts plenty of attention with his new sounds this week is Tascione, the upfront bass producer who hails from New Jersey. He drops a four-track collection called “Smoke & Mirrors” through the rising platform Quality Goods Records, and there is no doubt that this guy is seriously talented.

A collaboration with Kompany is the first track here, and “Paranoia” is darkly infectious, with plenty of whirring energy of the drops. Its title track is a vocal-led work featuring Ian Everson, and packs in a serious punch with its deep-rooted bass power. “Lights Out” is full of screeches and rhythmical nuances, before “Enigma” closes the EP via a rugged trap/bass hybrid.

You can get the whole EP here. 

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