Interview: Tom Swoon On His Rise To The Top

After dropping an incredible new collaborative release just recently through Ultra Music, we decided to hear more from the man of the hour Tom Swoon

Your brand new single has just landed and we love it! How was the writing/recording process for “Phoenix” (We Rise)? 

We met in person, but it was a pretty much online collab, sending stems back ‘n’ forth. Me and Dank worked on 3 different versions for some months until we were 100% satisfied with the result!

Where did the idea to collaborate with DANK on production come from? Had either of you ever worked with Belle Humble before?

Well I met Dank at Ultra Music Festival in Miami in March and he proposed the vocal as a collaboration, which I really digged! I’ve never worked with Belle, but I’m familiar with her other work. I think my favourite is “The Chase” with Lazy Rich!

Describe how working alongside Ultra has affected your career…

Being a part of such a big label as Ultra from the age of 18 has definitely taught me a lot about how the industry works! I definitely feel way more experienced and confident in this area now.

How do you find the progressive house scene at the moment?

Mainly, I think the lines between genres are starting to fade – less and less people are trying to categorise their sound and that’s good! The scene is definitely shifting and opening up to more wide spectrum of tempo and sounds. Would I still call it progressive house? Well, for me music is music – and that’s how it should be.

Which artists are you playing out regularly at the moment?

I love pretty much everything released recently by Vigel, Tom & Jame, Nari & Milani and Hiisak! Definitely each of these guys has a part in my sets and I’m looking forward to hear more from them!

What can fans expect to hear at a Tom Swoon festival/show set this summer?

Definitely lots of new material, like for example my upcoming Revealed release! Apart from that you’ll get to hear my previous tracks like “Ghost” or “Wait” in a totally new edits I’ve been working on recently. The set will be intense and emotional, that’s for sure!

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