Interview: Majestique On Bringing Soul With Their New EP

We welcomed German production duo Majestique to speak to us this week, who filled us in on their latest release for Dirty Soul – “Science Of The Heart”.

What made you both want to become producers?

[Thomas] I used to have the first playstation and was addicted to gaming during my days in high school. Suddenly this game “Music 2000” came along in which you could make music, import samples from any CD and copy them on a 1 MB memory card and write MIDI’s. Before I knew it, I produced a whole trance album. After installing Reason on my school PC I have been a total junkie ever since.

[Jordi] When I was young we got our first home computer. And a friend gave me this program called Fast Tracker. Because I was playing drums at that time, it was great to create not only the drums but also the melodies. I was immediately hooked and it was and it is the best way of expressing myself.

Are you collaborating with any other artists/producers at the moment? 

Yes, on our next EP called “Overload” we’re working with this incredible vocalist called Hero Baldwin from the UK. We were fooled by her sweet and pretty presence, but turned out to have one of the most beautiful and powerful voices we’ve ever heard. On our 3rd EP we have another track with our good friend VAn again.

Who or what do you consider your biggest musical influences?

As we were young we grew up in the late 80’s and were totally obsessed by synthesizer based music. Examples are Jean Michel Jarre, Vangelis and Giorgio Moroder.

How have fans reacted to your “Science Of The Heart” EP so far? 

We got some amazing responses from our fans. It seems they really appreciate the melodies and synth-work. It’s also funny to see that anyone has picked his or her own favourite from the EP.

What inspired the theme of the collection?

The tracks on the “Science of the Heart” EP are the first four tracks we ever created actually. For us it feels like the beginning of a story. And the story will continue 😉

Do you have any live shows/festivals planned for the rest of 2016? 

We’re still in the designing phase of our live show so we haven’t taken on any dates yet. We want to make sure it’s perfect and that all our music we want to play has been released.


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