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INTERVIEW: Gone Fishkin

-Hi Mike, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?
Hey VENTS, nice to meet you guys! I’ve been good! Been busy this summer and finally settled back home in Los Angeles.

-So how did you end up teaming up with Atalie’s Hope to organize an event?
We initially started with Atalie’s Hope through a mutual friend and teamed up with them to throw a fundraiser in my dad’s name the week before Thanksgiving last year . We raised about $50,000 and it was our first real experience throwing a fundraiser like that. I have to give most of the credit to my Mom, Godfather, and my dad’s Godfather for getting everything together because I was in LA while they were planning it.

-From all the organizations out there, what led you to choose them for this event?
This had the same mission we did giving money into helping grievance groups and comforting families after they lost a loved one.

-What makes Atalie’s Hope so unique?
We have since split off to start our own organization called Stu’s Helping Hearts where we can focus more on our own mission, not to say Atalie’s Hope wasn’t doing the same but we felt we can be more effective and with out own. Stu’s Helping Hearts is very unique because we care about helping the kids of parents who have passed away. It fucking sucks losing a parent, I lost my dad a month before my 23rd birthday and my 2 sisters were only 19 and 13 so it definitely takes a toll and changes your life forever. Kids definitely take it hard and I don’t think school’s really have the right recourses to help in a lot of cases so you have to find someone outside of that and that costs money.

-Tell us more about the event you put together.
We put it together in honor of my dad a little over 6 months after he passed away. We had over 200 people and everyone we knew came which was really cool. Friends and family stepped up to the plate helping in any way they could to make it easier for my Mom and make sure the event went as smoothly as possible and made it as successful as possible. Lots of businesses in the area donated amazing prizes for auctions and raffles and every item was taken and helped raised SO MUCH money for the organization.

-What other ways can people support Atalie’s Hope?

You can keep up with Stu’s Helping Hearts through my social media, I’ll be posting more about it as time goes on and we have everything 100% and ready to go. My twitter is @GoneFishkin and facebook is Facebook.com/GoneFishkin

-How did you get involved with idobi Radio?
I got involved with idobi Radio while still a freshman in high school. One of my favorite bands, Envy On The Coast, were on a show called The Gunz Show and Gunz kept asking for requests so I hit him up on AIM. Basically just built a relationship on me knowing how to convert files and having all the music he needed. I think a year went by before I actually met him in person but yeah that’s how I got my initial start with idobi!

-You are known for supporting emerging bands on your show – can we expect more local and unsigned acts on the show?
Yes, of course! I was a local kid just looking for people to play my awful bands back in the day then I was the local kid looking for bands to come on my show asking anyone I knew. So I have the mentality if a band has time to reach out to me then I have time to play their songs and have them on my show at some point.

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