Hi guys, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?
Hello! Thanks for having us! We’re all very good thanks.

Can you talk to us more about your single “Blame Yourself”?
Yes, that was actually the song that defined what kind of sound we wanted, we experimented for quite a while with different sounds and struggled to find what we thought we were best at, but Blame Yourself just clicked perfectly.

Did any event in particular inspired you to write this song?
Just trying to find the perfect sound really, the song is based strongly around the vocal. The lyrics are about a bad breakup I went through (Calum) After a very long relationship that ended unexpectedly, I went into a bit of a dark place, it felt like everything was collapsing around me. So I wanted to write something to vent out everything I possibly could, which I feel comes across quite strong in Blame Yourself.

Can you tell us more about the upcoming video?
Both of our videos are available on YouTube, our first single ‘Shadows’ has a cool perception in the video, we tried to go for a recording style which was a little different to what other bands are doing at the moment, which our guy Richard Dimery did very well, give him some recording equipment and he provides magic. Our second video was for ‘Without You’ which was a fun video to record, we wanted to get the essence of someone walking into a trap, so we made it to look like a dark fairy tale, just to try and keep it interesting.

Why naming the album after this track in particular?
Blame Yourself? I guess because its ironic, a huge amount of the lyrics in the EP are about me blaming myself for everything that went wrong, even though people say otherwise. The track is the outro to the EP, but kind of wraps up the point of it all nicely, the final lyric being ‘It wasn’t supposed to end this way’ kind of sets the tone for the entire EP.

How was the recording and writing process?
Pretty stressful to be honest, we spent such a long time trying to find a sound we thought was best for us, that we actually wrote loads of songs before we even released anything. Once we finally decided what our EP was going to be, everything went pretty smoothly, we recorded our EP with Neil Kennedy and Daly George at The Ranch (Milk Teeth, Creeper) We obviously had our moments where we disagreed or argued about what should be happening next, but the songs came together very well and we all share very similar opinions when it comes to writing.

How has the life struggles influence the lyrics on this record?
From everything that happened, from the breakup, to everything that followed, I knew what I wanted to write the EP about. I just needed to vent it all out. The lyrics have definitely set the idea of the band, hopefully people can listen and relate to it.

How has this affected the band’s music?
It’s made everything punchier. The music I guess is fairly similar to bands like Alexisonfire, which isn’t a bad thing, just the lyrics are a bit more on the emo side I guess, so it feels like something not everyone is doing right now. As said before the lyrics have set the idea for the band, we’re just trying to write great music behind it.

Any plans to hit the road?
Sadly, not right now, it’s definite something we want to do. Our next show is with Dead! At Southampton Joiners on the 28th August, so that’s going to be a great show!

What else is happening next in Decipher’s world?
Writing, Writing, and more writing. We’re trying to make sure we can get back into the studio ASAP, so we can have a steady stream of releases, we have some shows coming up, we’re doing some awesome work with SaNPR, and we have loads more coming in the future.

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