INTERVIEW: The Dead South

Q: Hi guys, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

A: We have been fantastic. Thank you for having us!

Q: Can you talk to us more about your latest music video “Honey You”?

A: Absolutely. We filmed the music video with our friends at Two Brother Films at their studio in Emerald Park, Saskatchewan (a suburb of Regina). We have done quite a few videos with these guys, but this was the first we had done in their studio. The video was all shot in one room in one day. It was fun.  The idea for the video came from Zach and Dustin Wilson, the two brothers behind the name. They came to us with the idea and we loved it, plus they were open to any ideas we wanted to add. The song has been on rotation on CMT since shortly after the release of the video. We’re currently working with Two Brothers Films on a few other projects.

Q: Did any event in particular inspire you to write this song?

A: Not really. I (Nate) sat down one day and it just came to me. It was one of those songs that poured out of me in one sitting. I came up with the chord progression and the lyrics just followed. It felt like I just stumbled upon this song, or just pulled it out of the guitar.

Q: The single comes off your album Good Company – what’s the story behind the album title?

A: The title is actually part of the lyrics for the song “In Hell I’ll be In Good Company”. We loved the song when it was written and with most of our songs being stories of tragedy and misfortune it seemed like a perfect fit.

Q: How was the writing and recording process?

A: The writing process was great. “Good Company” is essentially the culmination of the first few years of the band, when we were still just learning to write songs and play our instruments. We had a blast writing this record because we had no expectations – we were just friends in a basement or in a garage trying ideas out on one another.

The recording process was pretty quick and painless. We recorded it in Regina with Orion Paradis at SoulSound Studios. Orion was great to work with, he made us feel very comfortable and at-ease. We recorded it live off the floor, which means we all played together as if we were jamming, as opposed to tracking each instrument separately. This makes for a super-fast recording process. I think in total we recorded this album in only six days.

Q: What drew you into Bluegrass?

A: Great question. The musicality of the genre definitely inspired us and gave us the desire to pick and play the way the greats can. Also, the lyrical content (typically dark or melancholy stories of murder, loss, loneliness) really spoke to us and has informed a lot of our songwriting.

Q: How has the recent popularity of the Roots genre help you find success as a band?

A: It has helped a great deal. Had we tried to do this in the nineties, we’d still be in a garage or basement somewhere.

Q: How influential is Canada in your music writing process?

A: Rural Canada is quite influential. I get quite a bit of inspiration for songs while driving through the prairies and just having ideas pop into my head. I would say the same happens with Scott, Danny and Colton. Scott writes songs about his travels to the mountains out West. This country is so large that inspiration can be found anywhere.

Q: How’s the road been treating you so far?

A: The road has been great. We are out on the road quite often and that allows us to see many places we would never otherwise visit. We travel out to Europe quite often and our fan base over there is growing and growing, and every time we return we get to see new places, meet new people and experience new culture.  We have also made a few trips down to the U.S. and can’t wait to go back there. Every city or town in the world has its own special flavour and we’re very lucky to experience it.

Q: Any highlights?

A: That’s a tough one! What comes to mind immediately is the first time we ever toured in Germany. We had hardly played much outside of Saskatchewan, let alone Canada. This was huge for us as young guys wanting to play music for a living. I put my degree on hold, the guys put work on hold and we gave it a shot. It was definitely the tour that made us take that next leap and decide to push harder and to try and turn this into a career. Besides that, I would say playing festivals is a huge highlight. All of us grew up listening to amazing bands and seeing them play at festivals. Now, we get to play at those festivals and meet those bands that led us into this stage in our lives. It is quite incredible.

Q: Do you tend to take a different approach on every show date?

A: That depends on the venue. If we’re in a loud, crowded bar or music club, we play a very high-energy set, trying to keep people partying and dancing. If we’re playing a theatre or a quiet, sit-down crowd, we’ll play a few of our softer songs and we’ll talk with the crowd, answer questions, etc.

Q: What is happening next in The Dead South’s world?

A: We are currently on a summer festival tour, going to new spots every weekend. Once this summer circuit is done, we are releasing our new album! The album will drop in Europe in August and in Canada in October. We will be following the album release with a European/Canadian tour in the fall/winter.

Connect with The Dead South:

Twitter: @TheDeadSouth4

Facebook: @TheDeadSouth79

Instagram: @TheDeadSouth


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