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THINKING OUT LOUD: Pokemon Madness

I gotta be honest with you all, I barely remember few things from my childhood. It’s not because it was bad but my memory is quite tricky and I only fragments of it. However, as many of you, one thing that’s been coming to my mind has been the first time I heard about Pokemon – someone brought this Pokemon episode VHS and at the end there was this cool teaser promoting both the red and blue edition of the Gameboy franchise. I immediately asked Santa for it, as well as a Gameboy that back then where just coming out too, and luckily I got both. That was just the beginning, the game and TV series where just getting better and better, the Pokemon Mania was taking over the world; but as they say, “everything that goes up, has to go down” and suddenly, one day, Pickachu, Ash and co. were no longer relevant, at least not as they used to be back in late 90s and early ’00s… until now.

According to one commercial, there are almost thousands of apps released every day as well as dozens if not hundreds of websites for everyone taste from RPG games to awesome real pokies guide which shouldn’t come as a surprise considering we are living in a generation that’s constantly looking for entertainment. Personally, if you asked me, the reason why Pokemon lose its popularity was because they got stuck into one format, and yes while millions of Xbox and PS4 are sold every year, Android and ISO have become the leading platforms for everything from trivial apps to video games… and Nintendo finally realized that.

Pokemon Go caught everyone by surprise and there’s no doubt its Augmented Reality concept is quite unique though it has been used in other games before. In a blink of an eye, it has become the viral hit of this year and have brought some joy to the world, which is kind of a good thing considering 2016 have been filled with so many tragedies from Orlando to recently France, from terrorist attacks to music and entertainment icons passing out. Sure, thanks to some irresponsible, stupid beings out there that have been taking it perhaps way too serious and have been hurting themselves and trespassing private property, the game have drawn some negative criticism by audiences and media alike. But by now, that’s something everyone should expect from every trend that pops out from pretty much nowhere such as Pokemon Go, there will always be some PROs like in this case, helping kids of today to go outside, meet other people, meet nature, maybe make new friends along the way, make some money by coaching newbies and CONs like basically putting your life at risk by crossing the street without looking or getting yourself locked in prison for committing something illegal. So my biggest advice would be to take it easy, enjoy but be careful.

At the end of the day, one question remains: would Nintendo find the way to bring back the glory days of one of its most rental franchises? We’ve seen how many films, series and video games from the 70s and 80s have been taking our screens by storm, is this a sign that 90s are also making a comeback? What are your thoughts?

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