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INTERVIEW: The Blondies

Hi guys, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

So Good! We’re currently chilling on The Lower East Side for the New York launch of our new album “Just Another Evening”.

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Just Another Evening”?

Well, there’s lot’s to tell. JAE was a track that we worked incredibly hard on. From the initial writing of the song, to the production of the track, every little intricacy was thought about. It’s definitely a track that we’re proud of. We felt we were able to bring the older Beatlesque sound that we all love so much to a new audience, and platform. We we’re honestly a bit anxious on release day. We’d put so much thought, and feeling into this track that it was hard to set free to the world. Once we finally did though, it was amazing. The responses that our fans had tothe track and video were like none of our previous songs. Rather than just saying, “I love this” or, “great song” people were writing us huge paragraphs about how the song made them feel. That was seriously special. The song came from a feeling, and to see other people getting such intense feeling out of it is the greatest reward we could ever get.

Did any event in particular inspired you to write this song?

Many events, not one in particular. We made the Just Another Evening video In response to the issues that, unfortunately, are incredibly pervasive in the culture we see around us. As we said when it was first released, the track came a lot out of fear. The anxiety that something like that might happen to somebody we know and care about.

How was the film experience?

It was super intense. Not only were emotions running super high, but we also only had one day to film the entire thing. Jeremy Stuart, our director, was amazing. He kept us moving, and did an amazing job of turning our vision into reality. It was a crazy thing to see the filming progress throughout the day although, It was definitely difficult for everyone to act out such a raw and realistic looking rape scene. We were all totally drained emotionally, and physically by the time we were done filming. We all really gave it our all, and it shows.

Why naming the album after this track in particular?

We felt like Just Another Evening was pretty much the most important track on the record. In addition to the impact of the video, the song definitely captures the emotion of what Simon was going through the whole time he was writing the album. Every song is really a part of thesame feeling, and story. The story of Just Another Evening.

How was the recording and writing process?

The recording definitely took a lot of hard work, and time. Up to this point we haven’t ever been quite so intimately connected to an album. We spent hours getting the tones dialed, and the drum sounds to properly represent what we heard in our heads. Every track was done over and over until we were as satisfied as could be with the result. At times it would definitely be stressful to think about the amount of time we were spending in the studio. Being an independent artist, the whole thing was paid for by us, so every time you do need to redo parts or spend extra time dialing in tones is more money out of our pockets. It can be tough, but we were all set on putting out an album that we were truly proud of. Despite this, the whole thing was really a pleasure to record. Every time you get that real tasty tone to sound like it does in your head, or finish a track up, the feeling is unexplainable. We already can’t wait to get back in the studio in Oakland with our engineer Scotty and start working on the next bigger and better track.

What role does California play in your sound?

Ya know, that’s a hard one. Its difficult to pinpoint exactly in what way California has influenced our sound but there’s no doubt it has been hugely important. When you spend your childhood years in a place as special as the bay area there’s no way it can’t affect you in one way or another. All of the things we have experienced here, and the places we have come to know and love all nurture feelings that eventually end up in songs.

What led you to blend classic with modern rock music?

There’s something real special about dancing through the house to an old Beatles record (and trust us that’s a common ocurrance). Its thestuff we’ve been listening to since we were little kids. We’d look at those pictures of the four at shay stadium laughing and playing their hearts out for all those screaming fans, and we’d say, “god i wanna do that”. No matter how crazy it seems, thats still what were shooting for. Anyway, It became a goal of ours to take all that was special about that older rock/pop and bring it back to a modern audience. At this point, we think it’ll be a refreshing change for the industry.

Where did you find the inspiration for the songs and lyrics?

Haha, thats a real difficult one too. I mean of course we know the answers, but thats usually something we keep to ourselves, and let thelistener try and figure out for themselves. To say it vaguely, the inspiration comes a lot from the experiences of growing up, and learning about what it feels like to be a human being.

Any plans to hit the road?

Yessir! We’re planning to kick off our fall tour in September. We’ll be trying to get to all of our fans west of the Rockies (California, Washington, Oregon, Vancouver, Montana, Idaho, Utah, Arizona). Next up, we’re going to SXSW and hope to hit the southeast. We also have some longterm plans to get to London, Spain, and Sweden. All of our fans over there in Europe have been so supportive of what we’re doing so we really want to get to them at some point. Coming soon!

What else is happening next in The Blondies’ world?

We’re already working on the next tracks, and planning the next moves. Always driving forward towards this crazy goal. It’s time to go 100% and take everything to the next level. We’ll be making waves all over the world. Watch for us, and tell your friends to tell their friends!

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