INTERVIEW: Lewis Murphy

Hi Lewis, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Hey guys! I’m well thank you, busy busy! But yeah, everything is good my end! Hope you’re well!

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Caught Up With You”?

“Caught Up With You” is my newest single, coming from my new EP! It’s a summery sort of song, mixing an indie-pop vibe together! It’s all upbeat, so I’m hoping everyone should be off their feet, ready to dance!

Did any event in particular inspired you to write this song?

Not really! It’s actually written about a friend! I tend not to write too many songs about myself to be honest, and if I do, then it’s from an outsiders point of view, or third person normally! But yeah, I like to write about people I know, why is what most of my first EP, Daydream, is all about!

How was the film experience?

Well, funny story… haha! On the day it only took us a few hours, but the actually shooting took us months! As you can see from the video, it’s on a beach, and was actually filmed at the start of the year. We tried about 8 or 9 different weekends across 3/4 months this year, trying to find the best weather! We had days where it was raining, or the sky suddenly became far too cloudy and the difference in shooting was too noticeable. However, when we finally had a good day, it was one of my favourite experiences, despite the cold wind! (I’m actually wearing gloves in some of the shots where you can’t see my hands, because it was far too cold haha!)

The single comes off your new EP Lighthouse – what’s the story behind the title?

The idea comes from the idea of a photoshoot I had actually. On the cover of the EP, you’ll see a lighthouse from Old Hunstanton, which is near where I live. I spent a lot of time here as a child, and felt it was significant to my childhood, which is where I wanted to have a shoot. My photographer took a really cool photo of me by the lighthouse, and it has stuck out ever since as one of my favourite photos! I’d written a song by this point, which was unnamed, but wasn’t too happy with it to be honest. I decided to then call this Lighthouse, but it isn’t the track that you’ll hear. The track you’ll hear is about the 6th variation of Lighthouse as I was set on the name, but couldn’t find the track until I finally wrote one I enjoyed!

How was the recording and writing process?

Yeah it was a really great experience actually! Me and Matt (my drummer) teamed up, and worked on some simple beats for the tracks to get things in place. We then headed into the studio with Jack, who produced our last EP. When I head into the studio with Jack, it’s great. We’ll head in with a basic track, and Jack helps had such a great groove to every track in such a chilled out environment. We spent a few long days over a few weeks nailing the EP; drums, guitars, vocals, bass, more vocals, more guitars, pianos etc. There was so much put into this EP, it took us ages. But the outcome is great, and I have loved every second so far!

What role does Taylor Swift and Ben Howard plays in your music?

For me, they’re two massive idols of mine. Growing up, I was always listening to music and, I must admit, pure pop is my guilty pleasure! I’ve grown up close to my little sister, who’s a big boy band and pop fanatic, so it’s probably rubbed off on me, as I take influence from people like Taylor and One Direction, big pop artists! What I love about both Taylor and Ben is both the simplicity and the excellence. They’re both great songwriters, influencing in different ways. I take the dance, pop feel from Taylor, and the technical side from Ben. Taylor gets people up on their feet, Ben gets people listening to the heartfelt side; I try to mix the two together.

What aspects of your life and hope did you get to explore with this album?

There were quite a few aspects that I managed to explore with this EP. It’s given me so many opportunities. With all of my other releases and recordings, I feel like I have never been able to find my sound and explore exactly what I want to do. This was the first EP where I was 100% turned on with what I want, and what I want to achieve. I wanted to really put something out there that I can actually sit and listen to time and time again, and enjoy it every time, and this EP was exactly that! I still listen to it now, even after thousands of plays of the whole EP; I actually have the EP in my car all the time haha!

Any plans to hit the road?

Yes actually! We’re currently working on a 2016 UK tour for this Autumn, and we’ve started planning for 2017 where we’re hoping to hit some of Europe actually! We’ve got some big plans coming into place.

What else is happening next in Lewis Murphy’s world?

A lot really, mainly music thankfully! As I mentioned, we’ve got lots of things going on, all around music. I’ve launched LMM (Lewis Murphy Management) which is all about helping artists find themselves into the industry. I book tours and help with PR work too, trying to give something back to the industry I love! I’m always songwriting for myself too, and me and the band are always working hard on our live bits! Overall, all is good and busy; everything I’m doing, I love!

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