Jolyon Petch On Bringing A 90’S Dance Anthem Into 2016

With his latest release out now through Vicious Recordings, we take some time to speak with house producer and DJ Jolyon Petch about his current musical projects.

You’ve done a handful of remixes for some pretty big artists now – how did your music career start off, and how did you get to this point?

I started off playing drums in a band in New Zealand for 5 years, and once we broke up I wanted to continue in the music scene so I became a DJ in the late 90’s. I ended up scoring top DJ residencies in the best clubs in New Zealand and also toured all over the world scoring an international residency in Ayia Napa (Cyprus). While I was there I was rubbing shoulders with a lot of international producers/DJ’s and picked up some official remixes for the likes of the Freemasons, Agnelli & Nelson, Soul Avengerz, Jason Herd & Jon Fitz. I moved to Australia in 2010 and really focused on my studio productions. I got picked up for a short time by a music agent who liked my style of house music and I ended up remixing tracks for the likes of The Petshop Boys & Example, Mel B (Spice Girls), Jessica Sutta (Pussy Cat Dolls), Brittany Spears & T.I. This year I am more focused on writing my own music rather than remixing for others, so expect more collabs and my own productions.

Do you find that the people around you and the artists you listen to have massively shaped you as a person today?

I’ve moved about in my life and never settled in one place for too long. I guess the different cities I have lived or visited have shaped me as the person I am today, rather than the people around me.

We love “U Sure Do” – such a summer anthem. Are you excited by the remixes that have joined the single for the EP?

Thanks very much guys, appreciate the support. I’m very happy with the way it turned out. It was a very creative process between myself and Vicious Records, they wanted to make sure the lead mix was a killer combination of elements from the old skool track and new elements that I was feeling would work in my DJ sets. Overall I’m really pleased with all the remixes, there’s literally something in there for most DJ sets – even my own drum & bass remix which is the first time I’ve ever produced something like that style of music.

What, in your opinion, are the classic ingredients for a dance anthem?

Vocals, pianos and a good swinging house beat.

Can you spill to us anything else are you working on right now?

I can spill that I have just signed my eSQUIRE & Petch project to major record label Spinnin Records, which will be coming out in a few months. I have just finished a new remix for a big EDM act and am working on my follow up single for Vicious as this one is a full original production with Mobin Master.

Finally, if you could freeze time for the day – what would you do?

Lock Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in Guantanamo Bay prison so Bernie Sanders can become the next President. Wishful thinking I know, haha.

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