INTERVIEW: Unconscious Disturbance

Hi guys, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Howdy! We have been great! Really excited to start releasing all of this material we have been working on.  It’s great to see our babies getting ready to walk out into the world!!

Can you talk to us more about your new single “Eye to Eye”?

Eye to Eye was the first song we wrote with our current line up, so we felt it was a great way to start releasing our new material. We made sure to bring in our Brazilian roots and keep a sort of Samba-fusion as the main underlying groove. We were lucky to have our friend Marivaldo Dos Santos, one of the lead percussionists in NYC’s STOMP, come in to collaborate on the track, which led to him recording on the whole EP.

Did any event in particular inspire you to write this song?

The song was inspired by one night where we were invited to this nightclub and were just really out of place, I guess. The club was pretentious and filled with people who were so worried about portraying a fake image of themselves. We’d see all these people who seemed beautiful at first just turn into ugly and dull people, and it was just pretty sad. I’m sure they would have more fun and have more to offer by just being themselves. We went straight from the club to the studio and started writing the song.

Any plans to release a video for the single?

Absolutely. We made a video dedicated to our fans in Brazil and NYC, which has a mix of fan videos, more professional recordings of us playing this track live, and shots of us in the studio and on the road. It is a “hey guys we are back with a new vibe” kind of video.

The single comes off your new EP Let It Rain – what’s the story behind the title?

“Let it Rain” is the 4th track off the upcoming EP, which encompasses a lot of our emotions; from the harder side, to the groovy/funky side to our “wall of sound” style choruses. It was a time where we’re all just playing, writing and partying all day and night for weeks. At one point we looked at each other and noticed that we were living a pretty weird lifestyle, but we were loving it, and it allowed for a lot of musical and personal self discovery. The lyric in the song says “if it’s grey, let it rain”, which pretty much means “bring it on,” let loose and allow yourself to live how you want to live. It’s pretty fun.

How was the recording and writing process?

Writing and recording with U.D. always requires a lot of patience, since we are very careful and make sure we never settle for anything. That said, it was all very organic. Tim and Danny came into the band right after we released our first album, and we all got along very well from the start and began writing. We wrote about 20 songs, and kept 9 (4 of which are on this EP).

We then brought Luizinho Mazzei from Brazil to track drums, bass, and adjunct percussion in NYC. Marivaldo came in with his arsenal of percussion instruments and we pretty much conducted him while he improvised. We then flew down to Brazil to track guitars and vocals. We wanted to do everything the “real studio” way, and had a selection of 12 guitars, 5 amps (plus a some digital amps), a room of pedals and a crazy selection of mics and even a distorted guitar amp for the vocals..

What was it like to work with Luizinho Mazzei and how did that relationship develop?

This was our second time recording with Mazzei. We met him while tracking Shooting at the Moon, through our bassist at the time. He’s become family to us so that makes for a smooth recording process with great vibes in the studio. It has to flow naturally, and the energy in the studio is all about who is there.

How much did he get to influence the EP?

Even though he wasn’t part of the composition, the production went to another level from having him in the studio. Great engineers make it seem like there are no limits in the studio, and that really affects the final result. It’s like, “I wish I could have a blend of those two guitars and those 3 amps become one tone,” and the engineer says, “give me 5 minutes,” and makes it happen.

Does Brazil play a role in your music?

Absolutely! “Eye to Eye” is very influenced by Brazilian samba on the groove side. Brazil is where Kiko and Dan grew up and started playing, so there are deep roots there. The percussive side of U.D. and the grooves are very influenced by Brazilian music. We always have late night samba jams.

What aspects of freedom did you get to explore with this album?

The whole process was very free and very liberating. The writing happened organically and was a great chance for the new lineup to connect on musical and personal levels. We are family now, and that plays an impact on the music. When you play with a group that respects each other, the possibilities are endless, and each member can freely contribute. Tracking in two countries also brought a sense of freedom. It was almost surreal to move from one amazing studio in the U.S. to another amazing studio in Brazil.

Any plans to hit the road?

We have a few shows booked in July and August, and are going on a full release tour in September through the beginning of October. We will have the full tour dates up soon on

What else is happening next in Unconscious Disturbance’s world?

We can’t stop writing. We told ourselves that we would take a break after recording, and that clearly didn’t happen. We are one day away from releasing our first song off the EP, and have already written 4 others. We love writing too much to stay away from it.

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