Revolushn Offers Up “The Freshman”

Some musicians bravely choose to march to the beat of their own drum, they produce music that does not fit into any specific genre box, and for San Francisco, California’s own Revolushn,, music is truly a unique and creative experience.

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Ryan: Your new album “The Freshman” is quite the creative piece. How long did it take to make this album?

NO: The writing took about 2 years from the first sessions to the CD release party. The first song took awhile but as we moved forward we picked up speed.

Ryan: Where do you gather inspirations from?

NO: Not to sound vague, but basically everywhere. Some songs come very quickly and others, well, we have one that took 10 years to complete.

DEKAY:  Carbon based life forms, the subconscious and loud fuzz drenched guitar overtones.

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Ryan: What does your song writing process look like?

NO: The songs start with a riff or a lyric idea. Then usually a musical work demo, the next step is finalizing the lyrics/melody. Once that is done and we like the result we will either use the demo sessions (most times the performance is great) to build the final mix or re-record the whole song in detail.

DEKAY: For me the lyric comes first, a single line or a subject, then the story goes forwards or backwards from there. I am currently ruminating on dark matter, botany, crime, and   the human heart.

Ryan: How would you describe your music to someone that has not heard your album yet?

Aaron The HEAD: Sit back and put on some headphones and let Revolushn take you for a ride. Let us rock you, relax you, and spin you around with story. In the end you will be entertained and I feel there’s something on “The Freshmen” for everyone. No matter your genre or taste you will find something that you feel.

DEKAY:  Heading toward A dash of psychedelia with heavy 70’s guitar.

NO: Kind of like a blues band on acid during a thunderstorm. And what DEKAY said.

Ryan: If you could collaborate with another artist, who would it be and why?

SCHUBERT: John Lennon

DEKAY:  Unfortunately David Bowie is not among us, would have liked to meet Stephen Foster too, these days how about wire, the flaming lips and  wand.

Aaron the HEAD: Radiohead. because they are my favorite and I would love to make music with them.

Jimmy Legs: Jimmy Herring, Guitarist.  For style and attitude.

NO: Beck. I think he is a really serious musician. And probably a fun guy to work with.

Ryan: I see that the album has multiple music videos, but I can’t tell which song is the true lead single. Does the album have a lead single?

NO: SUCK IT UP has been the default hit radio wise but DARK MATTER has the most video hits.  Since this album is so diverse we don’t nessecarlly want a hit. I don’t mean to sound like a dick but this is our first album and we haven’t necessarily found our grove yet. I mean the new stuff since THE FRESHMAN sounds killer and is more cohesive.

DEKAY: Nowadays, you tube is often the place to discover and hear a new band as well as SEE them, so we like video-ing!

Ryan: How enjoyable was the process of creating music videos to accompany your songs?

SCHUBERT: Since I direct and edit the videos I can answer. It was both a struggle and a very rewarding process. I have very strong ideas about how the videos should look and sometimes that isn’t what the rest of the band expected. There were some heated discussions and differences of opinion but in the end this group is very supportive and easy to work with. And we have so much fun shooting them it is a wonder they ever get’s done.

NO: Videos suck to make but are fun to watch.

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Ryan: What advice do you have for new artists looking to make their own album?

NO: Plan on it being longer and harder than you expect. Don’t settle for crummy recordings. You are not competing with the dufus down the street that put out an album in the 90s. With the Internet, you are competing with U2, Madonna, Katy Perry, etc, etc. If you are OK with that go for it.

DEKAY: The music has to matter to you, it has to force its way out and exist, and you must not stand in its way.  One can record more easily now, but once the music exists the problems are the same as they have been since the 50’s, that is, the 1850’s and the dawn of  the era of sheet music and Royalties:, you need to get it heard so—-, PLAY–   and then, play more…

Aaron The Head: Spend time writing good songs and getting tight as a band. Hire a good producer and plan to spend at least 10 hours per song in the studio perfecting the sound. Don’t forget you need to build a fan base and market the music and play live as much as possible.

Ryan: At this point in your musical career, what are some of your musical highlights?

Aaron The Head: I’ve had many highlights. I have had my work as an engineer and producer sell millions of albums worldwide. My work has been nominated and won many prestigious awards including Billboard, American Music and the Grammys. I have had many gold and platinum sales and a Grammy win as the highlights but all of my work in the studio I approach the same and I’ve loved every minute of it. Hard work pays off.

DEKAY:  after many years in the trenches and a few from a better vantage point I say, pick your battles, write what will matter now and tomorrow, try to be almost overwhelmed, but levitate above the fray, those moments are great, I love doing festivals and I love playing in many continents, and have done so with cool bands, and I want to continue, so….

Jimmy Leggs: Just having done it for so long and still be relevant.

NO: The current high point is that I finally have enough guitars. Well, almost anyway.

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Ryan: Lastly, and thank you for your time. Do you have any news that you would like to share with your fans?

NO: Well thank you for thanking us:} We are fans of VENTS. We are very excited about the Grammys this year. And we have some great shows lined up this summer and fall as well. And it looks like the new album will be complete by October and out for Christmas. We are going to leave it under the Christmas tree for Santa.

DEKAY: next year will bring a second record into this here universe!  BIG drums, big guitars

Big ideas!

Revolushn can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and their official site.

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