SMILO On Becoming “Young Again”

Having just released the gorgeous, uplifting “Young Again” this week, we thought it was right to hear a little more from Swedish production trio SMILO. 

What sums up SMILO in three words?

Happiness, Party, Friendship. 

How did the three of you meet?

 We all worked as DJs in the club scene in Stockholm city. Oscar and Dennis made tracks together and sent one of them to me (Arvid). The track turned out to be our single ”Goosebumps”, which got us a record deal.

Was there a consensus amongst you guys to make music from the beginning?

All three of us are willing to work hard, and be able to do it with music is great. We met as friends with a mutual interest for music so yeah, we definitely wanted to make music together.

Your new track, “Young Again” is out now on Universal. Does it tell a story?

 It’s a song about letting go of everything and to feel like you’re five years old again. Having no troubles, always having something fun to do, and with no worries about the future. Simply the feeling of being “young again”. 

Is there a story in mind when you write music or does it all tend to come together at the last minute and just work?

Lyric-wise, we aim to have a story about something for each and every track we make. We build our tracks around the vocals so yes, it’s coming together from the start.

What else do you do outside of music? Any interesting hobbies?

Dennis loves cars, Oscar likes design and Arvid likes to go indoor climbing.

What else do you have in-store this year?

 A lot of new songs for you guys, and of course a summer to enjoy. 🙂

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