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Hi guys, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

We’ve been grand! Gearing up to play Ground Zero in Spartanburg tonight, we’re all very excited.

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Hibernate”?

I usually introduce “Hibernate” as a song that expresses my subjection to normativity as a teenager. I had some identity issues and so forth growing up, so it was relieving to finally gather those thoughts and remember them through a cohesive video presentation.

Did any event in particular inspired you to write this song?

I wouldn’t say that “Hibernate” is about one particular incident, it’s more of an open discussion of my personal experience growing up and how that may relate to or affect the development of others.

How was the film experience?

The filming experience was awesome. We worked with JP Charlebois from Cat Around Films whom we had worked alongside in previous projects. JP gave me the lenience to scene direct and script almost the whole video while using his skill as a director to organize my ideas in order to achieve a coherent storyline. Both mine and Carter’s little brothers acted as the protagonist and lead support in the video and it was their first time acting. The way everything unfolded throughout the day was a very proud moment for us, and we certainly hope that it is spread to as many people as possible.

The single comes off your new album My Place of Solace and Rest – what’s the story behind the title?

The title was actually something I had been holding onto for quite a length of time. It serves as a quick summary of the overall context that lies within each anecdote on which we speak throughout the record. In lyrical context, “My Place of Solace and Rest” refers to the nature imagery, which is allegorical to the idea of being in one’s safe space through creating art. I personally think the title and what it represents is suitable as a first submission for a band with the ambitions that we do; the record serves as an introduction into my life and into what Vesuvius pertains importance to musically.

How was the recording and writing process?

The recording and writing processes for this record was a little more staggered than one might expect. We segmented it into three sessions, two of which we did with Frank Shooflar of Bird Wazo Studios, one we did with Doug Meadows of AllSpark Studios. The writing process was somewhat chronological in terms of when tracks appear on the record; Billy and myself had already established a skeleton of everything we wanted the record to contain before seeking a permanent performance lineup. Most of the songs include ideas that we had bounced back and forth over about a year and a bit of writing. We’re ecstatic to be working on more material that is more inclusive to everybody in the lineup now that we have an established quintet!

What was it like to work with Ben English and how did that relationship develop?

Ben English was someone that we had been aiming to work with for a couple years. Billy had been in brief contact with him over the idea of signing with Tragic Hero, and we eventually ended up meeting him and the Invent dudes in person when their tour came to Ottawa about a year and a half ago. Since rebranding ourselves as Vesuvius, we were given the opportunity to share the stage with them again, allowing us the opportunity to spitball the idea of Ben featuring on a song.

What did he brought to the table?

The cool thing about having Ben feature on a track was that it helped put a foot in the door for us to sign to Tragic Hero. They’re doing really cool things right now; they have a fresh new record hitting the market anytime now which allows for exceeding publicity for our collaboration. We’re hoping to eventually play alongside them on this album cycle and have him hop onstage for the part!

Where did you find the inspiration for the songs and lyrics?

On this record in particular, I wrote about personal anecdotes and experiences throughout my childhood with the intent of tying them together to give a distinct definition of what Vesuvius means to us. Each song has a slightly different story, but each one is meant to carry a theme despite the different singular concepts. I’m hoping to take that theme and turn it into something even larger for our upcoming content.

How has the road been treating you so far?

The road has been awesome! We’ve been granted the opportunity to see tons of beautiful scenery and meet countless supportive individuals who have either picked up some merch, or left us with kind words in regards to our performance.

Any highlights?

My cliche highlight on this tour is everybody I’ve met so far since leaving the country. There are so many beautiful souls on this side of the border and being able to communicate with them through art is a blessing. We also click very well with both bands on this tour; the boys in Change Is and Curses are all warmhearted people who strive to make touring as entertaining and fulfilling as it is meant to be. Being able to witness their performances day in and day out is something that I will miss a ton when this tour comes to an end.

What else is happening next in Vesuvius’ world?

We’re going to be touring a ton for the rest of the year – meeting new people and hopefully revisiting recently kindled friendships. Being on the road with four fantastic musicians always inspires me to work on new material, so I certainly hope we are granted the chance to return to the studio sometime soon. Until next time, cheers! – Ben

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