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A Beautiful Experience: Eagle I Stallian With Quilla Release “Get It Right”

There is a reason why many artists brave the collaborative waters, and that reason is best described in the impressive new track from, Eagle I Stallion and the Quilla titled “Get It Right”. We had a chance to talk with these talented artists, and fans will be happy to know that more music from this team-up is definitely on the table!

EIS & Quilla 1

Ryan: Your new single “Get It Right” is absolutely beautiful. What is the story behind the

creation of this song?


Stallian: Thank you so much! And Thanks for having us!! This song has gone through a few

iterations, composition and lyric-wise. But it definitely came out as we originally intended: a

story about human nature, the relationships and the path towards realizing dreams.


Quilla: I was inspired by Eagle I Stallian’s composition to write something introspective and

moving to people on the dance floor. It is a meditation on personal relationships.


Ryan: What does everyone’s songwriting process look like?


Stallian: The songwriting flowed very smoothly actually. We composed a track and then sent it to Quilla, and then we went back and forth with our individual intentions and feedback.

EIS & Quilla 2


Quilla: I listen to the instrumental intensely a few times and then I start to form a canvas of ideas

that come from the emotions I felt while listening to the music. I weave a melody concept and

then add words to the melody, like painting over a sketch. I try to work instinctually and from the

heart, and not overthink the lyrics too much.


Ryan: How long did this song take to make?


Eagle I: This has been a long time coming! The track has been over a year in the making, with

several iterations on the lyrics, and two completely different compositions. It was quite an

adventure, though the end product was all worth it.


Ryan: Can we expect more songs from this collaborative effort?


Eagle I: We definitely hope so; our synergy is fantastic. We are certain to meet very soon and

create beautiful music together.


Quilla: Yes, we have some ideas brewing for the future!

EIS & Quilla 3


Ryan: What was the most challenging aspect of creating this track?


Stallian: Definitely the fact that we weren’t always in the same room. Itès easier to convey what

you’re feeling in person, and sometimes being in the moment while production is being done

simultaneously helps with efficiency.


Ryan: Is there a potential music video in the works?


Eagle I: There is a lyric video on Youtube right now!


Quilla: Yes, we are very happy with the lyric video and how it turned out!


Ryan: At this point in your musical careers, what are some of your current highlights?


Eagle I: Starting our own label has been a project we’ve been proud of. Building our team

around it took a lot of time but now everything’s running smoothly and we’re working with great



Quilla: As for me, at this stage in my career, I am proud of being a vocalist, but also being a

producer. Working on this project felt like a true collaboration for me, not just a vocal feature,

because we collaborated on all aspects of the production, including the release and artwork, and

that was a highlight of this project. I have several upcoming singles that are coming out that I

produced on my own, and also produced for other artists as well.

EIS & Quilla 4


Ryan: How would you describe this song to someone that has not heard it before?


Eagle I: ‘Get It Right’ is a combination of soothing vocals on top of a progressive house/trance

track. It has a very melodic break line with big pumping synths on the drop. The vocal work is

simply phenomenal. It’s always great working with professional artists such as Quilla.


Quilla: That was very nice of you to say that! I would describe this song as a nice journey for the

listener. Something that can be listened to in headphones, while running, or on the dance floor.


Ryan: Where do you gather your musical inspiration from?


Eagle I: I’d say it’s always different. It comes from everyday life. Both Stallian and I have a

different flow when it comes to it. Inspiration for me often stems from what I’ve been listening

  1. An idea comes to me and I build on that. It has always been the case since the beginning,

when I was writing metal riffs in my previous bands. As for Stallian, he’s a fountain of melodies.

haha! He hears a lot of melodies in his head and he just writes them down. We’re swamped with

so many melodic ideas which is a good thing!


Quilla: I get inspiration from personal experience, as well as the people around me, and the

emotional roller coasters we are all going through on a daily basis. I try to be inspired from the

core of human experience. I imagine what I would want mystical pop music to sound like, and

then I try to embody that sound that I have in my mind.

Ryan: Lastly, and thank you for your time. Do you have any news that you would like to share with your audience?


Stallian: We’re currently planning our 2nd Asian tour around Fall. There’s lots of excitement

being built on that. We have a great team helping us in the asian territories. We miss that crowd a

lot. Very genuine party animals! haha!


Quilla: I have several collabs and solo tracks coming out this year as well, it’s all very exciting!

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