PREMIERE: Bellwire Release New Music Video For “Fleetwood Stakt”

Kicking off our premiere week, we got a modern band with a classic sound. Boston’s based act Bellwire is teaming up with VENTS for the premiere of their video for their latest track “Fleetwood Stakt” off their latest EP.

Fleetwood Stakt - Bellwire

Hi Tyler, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Happy as heck to be playing out with Bellwire again.

Can you talk to us more about Bellwire’s latest video, “Fleetwood Stakt”? Did any event in particular inspire you to write this song?

I was feeling sort of aimlessly frustrated and was ready to pack everything up and leave. So I did just that--my girlfriend and I just returned from a five-month road trip. All the footage in the video was shot along our way. It’s a song about picking up and leaving, sort of a classic theme for rock music and it was really the first time in my life I’d ever done that, so it felt appropriate to use the video we’d shot along the way for Fleetwood.

How was the film experience?

The best of my life.

The single comes off your new album Dog Thoughts – what’s the story behind the title?

I first used the title for a “nonsense poem” assignment I was given in a college writing class. You can read the poem over at Phantom Kangaroo. Most of the lyrics are preoccupied with weird thoughts that are fleeting and offputting, but get at what’s going on under the surface. Dogs have short attention spans and we do too, so that’s part of it. I also wanted to suggest the thoughts behind the songs were coming from baser impulses, unfit for polite society, like a mutt or all the good rock music.

How was the recording and writing process?

Recording was a whirlwind but incredibly fulfilling. This session was our second time at The Soul Shop working with Elio DeLuca. He just takes our music so seriously and has so much to add to the harmonies and arrangements that we definitely feel like we “level up” after a session there.

At the time we were playing with a former drummer, Andy Fordyce, who’s real deep into improv and fringe music. It’s sort of an unlikely collaboration given how sugary-simple we like to keep our riffs, but I’m happy with what we got out of it.

What role does Weezer and Elvis Costello plays in your music?

I relate to those acts in that that the music I write tends to be faster pop songs with loud guitars. Early Elvis Costello’s rapidfire, high-syllable count lyrics have definitely inspired how much I like to squeeze into our songs. I see Rivers Cuomo as a musician who only makes the music he wants to make--I can’t say I’ve enjoyed their whole output, but I like their dorky rock and roll attitudes.

Where did you find the inspiration for the songs and lyrics?

I wrote a lot of poetry in college and got myself sick of writing that was contrived to be perfect little statements or coded messages. Everything in Dog Thoughts was written straight from the gut, with as little thought as possible. Listening back I’m suprised by how literally I sometimes commented on my own life, but if the songs are any good they should make some kind of sense to people without the context of my (not that interesting) life.

Any plans to hit the road?

Work situations prevent a proper tour right now, but we’re playing quite a bit on weekends rihgt now around New England. People can keep up with our shows here. I’ll be touring with solo versions of Bellwire material for a few weeks starting at the end of July… going to the Midwest and back with my buddy Jake McKelvie--he’s a very gifted songwriter.

What else is happening next in Bellwire’s world?

We have half an LP recorded exploring a softer, country-tinged sound: Mike’s song ideas. At shows, NH punk pirate Jonee Earthquake sits in on pedal steel whenever he’s available. We have four songs recorded with him playing on it--he’s really incredible. Originally those songs were going to be the second half of Dog Thoughts, but when we finished tracking we knew the material couldn’t mesh together as one album. That means we’ll dig more into the sound we were developing for our last session and hopefully have a full length to share in 2017.

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