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Hi B, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

-I have been great! Thanks for asking!

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Why”?

-“Why” is a perfect combination of rap lyrics with a dance/EDM beat! It came out natural and effortlessly. Nothing forced at all.

Did any event in particular inspire you to write this song?

-A few events,  my boy Darryl who I grew up with, was mentioning all the cool people he met at EDC in Vegas and he was getting on my case, saying it’s something I should look into as far as the EDM sound to broaden my audience.  But I’ve really got into it when I went to London and Amsterdam especially and partied! I’ve been coming across a lot of producers online from the UK who embody that sound and are traditional hip hop producers, and that’s how I found the beat. It was produced by Wizard (he does beats for a battle rap league called, “Don’t Flop” which I follow).  I was skimming through his catalog, came across the track and it just clicked! It’s an ode to all the memorable and awesome parties I went to.

Any plans to release a video for the single?

-I hope to film it and premier it this summer! I really wanted to do it at EDC in Vegas or at a festival to capture the full vibe of the song.

The single comes off your new album The Lost Prince – what’s the story behind the title?

-I am a prince in the literal sense!  My father is a King in Ghana, West Africa, (he met my mom in Queens, NYC, where I was born and raised; Countless “Coming to America” Jokes growing up).  I named the album “The Lost Prince” because I feel like I’m in a process of finding myself and my own path as a man in the midst of bearing the responsibility of my father’s name so to speak. At the same time I’m establishing my own identity in the midst of it all. My mom always treated and reminded me I was a Prince, but it still took the process of recognizing my own self- worth to feel like one.  I also have an EP out called “The Found King”. It’s like a sonic movie so to speak. The Lost Prince becomes The Found King is what I always say. So I made both projects a theme to a story being told.

How was the recording and writing process?

-The recording and writing process was rather straight forward.  As far as recording it was mostly just me and one engineer knocking out songs back to back, In the middle of Manhattan! I would wake up at 8am, get to the studio by 9am, record until 4pm, go to work right after; be there until 1am, and start all over the next day! As far as writing, it was about finding the right combination of words for each song. It was all about writing about my experiences but also establishing my skills as a rapper by using witty wordplay.

Does NYC play a role in your music?

-New York is my music! I wrote my whole album on the E, F, R and 7 trains!  I grew up in NYC, emotionally and physically! Even went to College in NYC.  So much life and vibrancy in the city that inspires me, as well as the unmitigated harshness of the constant city grind. It’s a beautiful struggle that writes the script of the “Nothing to something” story. And that’s what my album and my life is about. It’s that “making it” but I still got to work as hard or even harder  to maintain it because there is always work to do!

What aspects of doubt get to inspire the lyrics on this record?

-Self -doubt is widely expressed in ‘The Lost Prince’ intro… I said “ I got the keys to life, but it’s access denied,  it was pride,  that stopped me from asking from getting help, I wanted the world to know  me when I didn’t know myself, accommodating some wealth was all a part of the plan, I was bless as a child, full of sin as a man”. A lack of success triggered those feelings, especially living in NYC where the guy who works for Wall Street is on the train with the homeless man begging for change; there are constant reminders of someone appearing to do better than you financially in New York. But the positive aspect of that is you can remain humble after you pull yourself through because your conscious is always making you better yourself because you double check everything you do, because that self- doubt and that feeling of knowing that there is someone out there who has more than you and is working just as hard as you.

Any plans to hit the road?

-I’m not going to hit the road officially, but I am making myself available for performances country wide. I am trying to build my buzz more. If the people call for a tour, then I will oblige. But I’m trying to gain more fans for now.

What else is happening next in B-Bless’ world?

-I have a crap ton of songs I need to release! I got a few mixtapes lined up! My next album is for sure all trap/EDM songs. I’m leaning towards calling it “Traptronic”. For now though, the world needs to go “The Lost Prince” album, and “The Found King” EP on apple music, iTunes, amazon, google play; pretty much everywhere online!


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