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Jordan Bennett

INTERVIEW: Jordan Bennett

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Stars At Night”?
“Stars at Night” is a song that was initially about a romance that didn’t last; however, the song took a deeper meaning for me after that situation. I have had many bad experiences with romance in my life as a result I developed trust issues in relationships which I realize is wrong. The song “Stars at Night” has the line “I’d be stupid not to fall in love with you.” which to me symbolizes that when God brings the right girl to my path that I wouldn’t shut her down because of my trust issues but to trust her.

Did any event in particular inspired you to write this song?
I did have an event that inspired “Stars at Night” with a romance that ended before it even started. A girl lead me on to believe that we were going somewhere romantically for months, but that did not happen. I started to have a pessimistic view of relationships in general after this situation unfolded. However, I realized that being pessimistic about relationships wasn’t fair to me or anyone else in my life. It was at that moment that “Stars at Night” started to mean what it means to me today which is being willing to accept a relationship when the right one comes along.

Any plans to release a video for the single?
Right now there is nothing in the works as far making a video for the song.

The single comes off your new album Outcast and Untouchables – what’s the story behind the title?
Outcasts and Untouchables is the album name because I feel that we all mess up. I believe that God still loves us despite our mess ups; but, we still all mess up. I don’t ever want others to look at me as an artist on a stage and think that I’m on a different level as they are. I want the audience to know that I mess up just as much as anybody else does even though I’m an artist that is able to put on a show in front of others.

How was the recording and writing process?
The recording process, thanks to my producer Jeff Deihl, was a very smooth and successful process. He allowed me to make the music as I wanted to make it and worked with me until we were able to get it right. The writing process was very natural for me because it was a situation that was close to my heart so the words flowed out naturally.
What led you to write and play stripped down acoustic music instead of full band?
I decided to play a stripped down acoustic style because it is a natural style for my vocal abilities and is a style that I feel is easier to understand the message of the songs.

How much does faith tends to influence your music?
Faith influences my music in a great way because I go through the same situations as anyone else but I try to have a Christian perspective on them. A Christian perspective to me is thinking of how Jesus would respond to the situations that I am going through.

What aspects of your life did you get to explore on this album?
I was able to explore a lot of my weaknesses and lessons that I’ve had to learn through life. For “A Letter to a Friend” the meaning became something more to me when I had a friend of mine decide to walk away from Christ and decide to live out his life on his own.

The song is about the hurt that goes into watching a friend walk away from God; but also realizing that only God can change hearts and not me. My song “You” also describes my experiences with my anger that I tend to hold inside. I realized that I was allowing the anger that I had to influence me in such a way that I was not loving others the way that I know that God would have me love them. I didn’t know what really loving someone as God loves them looked like when I was being influenced by my anger.

Any plans to hit the road?
I do have plans to hit the road. The following list is my tour schedule up to this point:
June 25th Maryville, TN- Vienna Coffeehouse 7:00 pm
July 4th Flora, IN- Gospel Festival 6:00-9:00 pm
July 8th South Bend, IN- Chicory Cafe 5:00 pm
July 9th Lock Haven, PA- Avenue 209 7:00 pm
July 15th Appleton, WI- Copper Rock Coffee 7:30 pm
July 16th Eau Claire, WI- The Acoustic Cafe 7:00 pm
July 20th- Youth Mission Trip- Leading Worship
July 21st – Youth Mission Trip- Leading Worship
July 22nd-Youth Mission Trip- Leading Worship
August 7th Lafayette, IN- BBQ at CUMC
August 9th Orlando, FL- Natura Coffee and Tea 8:30 pm
August 10th Tampa, FL- Sacred Grounds 9:00 pm
August 11th Summerville, SC- Coastal Coffee 6:00 pm
August 12th Decatur, GA- Java Monkey 8:00 pm
August 13th Knoxville, TN- WDVX 10:30 am
August 13th Johnson City, TN- The Acoustic Coffeehouse 8:00pm
August 14th Richmond, IN- Hillcrest Baptist 6:30 pm
August 19th Minneapolis, MN- Beat Coffeehouse 8:00pm
August 20th Rochester, NY- Boulder Coffee 8:00 pm
August 27th Richmond, IN- End of Summer Party 4:00 pm
September 7th Eaton, OH- Taffy’s 7:30 pm
September 8th St. Louis, MO- The Stone Spiral Coffee
September 9th Boulder, CO- Laughing Goat 8:00 pm
September 10th Buena Vista, CO- House Rock Kitchen 5:00 pm
September 14th Norfolk, VA- Borjo Coffee 7:00 pm
September 15th Murfeesboro, NC- Zakks 7:00 pm
September 16th Tullahoma, TN- Celtic Cup 7:00 pm
September 22nd Auburn, IN- Cupbearer Cafe 7:00 pm
September 28th South Bend, IN- The Well 8:00 pm
October 1st- Ad Astra Books and Coffee 7:00pm

What else is happening next in Jordan Bennett’s world?
Along with being a traveling artist I am running a summer camp with a co-worker, going to school through Liberty University’s online program, I’m an intern at a church in Lafayette, IN, and a baseball coach.

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