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Hi guys, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Doing well! We’re still adjusting a little to being back from our month long tour with Scott Stapp. It’s been weird to not have to shuffle back into our van each day since getting back to Houston.

Can you talk to us more about the song “Black Mirror”?

The song, and really the whole album, is about how deceptive social media, social apps, and reality tv can be, and how it can warp how we see ourselves, our personal situations, and our relationships with others. It’s talking about how we can get stuck comparing our lives against how we see celebrities like the Kardashians live, or we look at all of the awesome things our friends post about and we get jealous or resentful because maybe things aren’t going so well in our own lives. And none of it is real – it’s all based on a very narrow view that whoever is posting wants us to see. It’s easy to get trapped in that illusion – always chasing what everyone else seems to have until nothing else matters.

Did any event in particular inspire you to write this song?

I think the inspiration originally came from a birthday party I was at where two friends of mine were arguing about a couple of people on the bachelor. They were defending their person as if they were in the room with them or that they knew them personally. It was crazy to me because we’re talking about essentially characters on a show, and I think that just speaks to how easily we can fall into the lie of it all. How we can watch these shows about celebrity families, or see friends who always seem to be out and about, and think “why not me? What am I doing wrong?”

Why did you decide to name the album after this track in particular?

“Black Mirror” is a reference to the reflection you see in the screen of your phone, computer, or television when you turn it off and how it’s sometimes fuzzy or distorted. I wanted the album to be named that because each song deal with some aspect of how we use this incredible technology. It’s just another metaphor for how we see ourselves in the context of this technology

How was the recording and writing process for the album?

It was good, but I think it was a little more intense than when we recorded our first album. This was a bit of a darker tone for us than what we had written before, and we put some additional pressure on ourselves. We felt like we had to make sure we really pulled out all the stops on this one. We wrote all of the music together in about a month or so, but the lyrics took quite ab it longer because we really wanted them to hit and connect with everyone, while staying true the theme. We recorded the EP over 4 or 5 weekends in the summer in the studio in Galveston, TX, and I think that’s where a lot of it really came together.

What role does Houston play in your music?

Houston has a massive and vibrant music scene, and there are a lot of quality bands that inspire us here. One of the things we both love is that it’s easy to find a new favorite band every week – most of the different genres sit in different parts of the city, so if you make the effort to travel around to the many amazing venues, you’re likely going to see a band you’ve never heard before, no matter how connected you are.

How much do bands like Chevelle and Breaking Benjamin influence you as a band?

I think they influence us a great deal, especially when we start writing. When we were starting out, these are the bands that we would point to and say “this is sort of the sound I want to go towards”, and as we each brought our own influences and voice into the mix, it helped us refine it into our sound.

What aspects of modern technology did you get to explore on this album?

Our focus was primarily on social media, digital advertisements, and television. Not the most groundbreaking technology, but certainly the most pervasive. Truthfully, I think this album has helped us explore those themes more just with some of the talks we’ve had with people after our shows. There was a really cool moment on tour when someone came up to us and asked me about one of our songs “Digital Echoes” and what it was about. After talking through it, it kicked off a dialogue about his personal experiences with social media and we talked for quite a bit about it. We’ve had several similar talks with fans about it, and there’s no better feeling than seeing how your music is connecting with people.

Any plans to hit the road again?

Nothing definitive yet, but we are in talks with some different bands and may try to have something lined up sooner than later. Being on the road was one of the best experiences of our lives, so we are itching for the next opportunity!

What else is happening next in Seldom’s world?

Right now we’re taking some time off to work on new material that we’re all very excited about. We don’t want to give too much away just yet, but conceptually we are drawing a lot of inspiration from different mythologies and tying that to different forms of fear. We will also be releasing music videos for our upcoming singles “The Grudge” and “Masquerade” to continue promoting “Black Mirror”, so keep an eye out for those soon!

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