Interview: Polina – From “Little Babylon” With Love

We’re privileged to speak with singer/songwriter Polina this week, who has just shot back into the spotlight following her release on Ultra Music, “Little Babylon.” We touch on her musical style, where she first got into music and what else we can expect.

What inspired you to get in to music, specifically writing songs?

I grew up in a musical family (My mom is big 90’s Russian pop singer ANKA) and studied classical piano from an early age. But I’ve always been drawn to pop and electronic music so transitioning to writing, producing songs and singing was very organic to me. I was looking for a self-expression that classical music wouldn’t allow, although I owe a lot of my musical foundation to it.

You’ve worked with an assortment of varied musicians and artists; do you find it difficult to switch between different styles and genres?

As a songwriter I don’t, it’s actually very fun for me to be able to jump between styles and wear different hats, be it writing for Eminem, Sean Kingston, Steve Aoki or Felix Jaehn. When it comes to my own artist collaborations or singles, I’m very specific about the kind of songs or records I write and release. It has to feel very “me”. And when I write a song, I always know right away if it belongs with me or another artist.

“Little Babylon” has just come out on Ultra Records. Tell us a little about the story behind the track… Was it easy to write lyrics for?

“Little Babylon” was written and recorded in a matter of hours. It was the first time Paddy Hunt (the producer for the track) and I met and were in the studio together. I came into the studio and he had this very easy-going vibe about him and we clicked right away. He played me this guitar loop he’d laid down, and the song just wrote itself in one breath. The title “Little Babylon” came to me moments after.

Are you working on any other interesting collaborations at the moment?

Coming off of my collab with Felix Jaehn on “Book Of Love” I wanted to focus on my own music starting with “Little Babylon”. I’m releasing an EP later this summer entitled “CONTESSA I” which is something I’m very excited about. I also have another collaboration which will be announced soon.

You have an incredible voice and it has loads of natural texture to it. Who influences your singing style?

Thank you. Everyone who I listened to at one point or another, which is a lot of artists! I grew up listening to Kate Bush, Sade, Grace Jones, Annie Lennox, MJ, George Michael, Sting. I love Florence + The Machine.

If you could write lyrics for any one person (dead or alive) who would it be and why?

It would be cool to hear one of my songs produced by Diplo & Calvin Harris. With Diplo, I’ve been a fan since MIA’s “Paperplanes”. With Calvin, he just can do no wrong – with everything he touches.

Grab “Little Babylon” here.

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