Fearless And Ready: Tehon Releases His New Single “Burned Alive”

From North Carolina comes the unique lyrical style of the very talented Tehon. Releasing his new song titled “Burned Alive”, Tehon has wasted no time introducing himself properly to the very competitive and diverse hip-hop industry. Looking to release a full EP later in 2016, we talk with Tehon about all things music.


Ryan: Your new single “Burned Alive” is a great track, and also an emotionally dark track. Is this a solid idea of what the rest of the upcoming EP will sound like?

Tehon: There are definitely moments on the EP as dark as Burned Alive and darker. There are also some brighter moments. All of them being pure reflections of my given state, outlook, and taste. Burned Alive is a very important song, but by no means is it the best song on the EP.

Ryan: Do you have any plans to release a video for this song, or another?

Tehon: I have written the video for Burned Alive, and have been in discussion with awesome people about getting it done. Also do have ideas for another song down the line.

Ryan: Where do you gather inspiration from?

Tehon: Life in itself is inspiration. As long as I’m breathing I have an endless well of inspiration.

Ryan: What does your song writing process look like?

Tehon: My song writing process can vary. Often, it looks like me zoned out at 3AM making beats with my headphones loud enough to somewhat disturb the sleep of whoever is around me at the time, if someone is (I’ve noticed this now and have made adjustments). Sometimes carrying into the next morning, when everyone is waking up and I’ll finally pass out, excited to wake up the and see how good what I was creating is and what I can do to make it better. When recording it’s similar to that, the difference is I’m surely locked away somewhere.

Ryan: Speaking of your future EP, can we expect a release in 2016?

Tehon: Yes, surely.

Ryan: Are you currently playing live shows? If so, when and where is your next show?

Tehon: Not at this time. It’s something I’m very excited about look forward to doing. In due time.

Ryan: Given the chance, who would you like to collaborate with on a future project?

Tehon: There is so many people I would like to work with. So many awesome artists are out today.

Someone’s music who I really adore is Jarryd James’s.

Ryan: How long have you been making music?

Tehon: I started rapping when I was 7 years old. Started recording myself at 12. From there I started making mixtapes and honing my craft at 14, and eventually started producing at 17. I’m 21 now.

Ryan: How are you finding the social media aspect of sharing your music with the public?

Tehon: Social media is cool. There was a period, when I was 17 that I just erased all my social media accounts. It was new because up to that time I was on it heavy, every day, and was on every new one right in time. At a certain point I just felt this strong urge to get away from it, and it did me benefit. I no longer had this constant reminder of what everyone I know was doing. It allowed me to grow more rooted in myself, and gave my inner voice time to hear itself. All of my thoughts and dreams swelled up inside me, and I was deeper in my own world. Not living in one constantly bombarded by any illusions, or illusionary ideas. Everything disappeared! lol. If I wanted to know how someone is doing I found a way to get in touch with them or asked a friend. Today, just getting back on it in front of the release of Burned Alive, it’s cool, I’m enjoying sharing things through those platforms and engaging in what everyone is sharing. I always kept a close ear to what’s going on, now I do the same and also know how to disconnect.

Ryan: Lastly, and thank you for your time. Do you have any other news that you would like to share with your audience?

Tehon: Thank you for your time and questions also. Will be releasing a new song from the EP in the near future. My goal is always to make the best music possible, and it’s in my hopes that upon listening to the music it effects your life for the better.

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