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INTERVIEW: The Lady Comes First

Hi guys, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Adrian- Good! Busy! Just got back from our fifth tour since starting the band.

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Pterodactyl”?

Shoney – It’s the debut single off our first full-length release, d’elinore. You can check out the video at our website: www.theladycomesfirst.com

Did any event in particular inspired you to write this song?

S- Writing lyrics is usually different every time. In this case, I had the chords kicking around, and wasn’t sure what to say. Then that first line “I was framed” came to me, and the rest of it kind of just unfurled. Adrian came up with that second melody for the chorus during a rehearsal.

How was the film experience?

S- We shot the whole video for Pterodactyl in one day. We had an afternoon off, and Adrian had this idea that we should shoot a silent film style video. Pterodactyl seemed like a good fit. So we shot it just ourselves with a laptop and a phone, in my parents’ back yard.

A- It was a hell of a day.  We both discovered the other one was pretty good at slapstick comedy. We were laughing so hard we were crying into our hummus and wine.

The single comes off your new album d’elinore – what’s the story behind the title+?

A- When we stepped back and realized what we had with this album, and began thinking of what we wanted to call it, it seemed like the people and images in the lyrics needed a home, a town or city where all these songs take place. That place is d’elinore.

How was the recording and writing process?

S- Recording this one was a bit of hike. Initial tracking was done at the apartment where we were living in Cambridge. It’s a city, everyone is living on top of each other, and we had some grouchy neighbors so we couldn’t get too noisy there. We both sing pretty loud, and drums were out of the question. So we wound up doing all the loud stuff out in Waltham, at an organ repair warehouse where our friend Erik Spooner works. Once we had all the pieces in place, we sent it off to New York for Chris Peck to help us with the mixing in a proper studio setting.

A- Then my good friend Jesse Brayman, who recorded, mixed and mastered one of my solo albums did the mastering for d’elinore.  We thought the tracks couldn’t get any better, but he really polished the songs off and we could hear instruments and sound effects we forgot were even there.

What role does Boston plays in your music?

S- We met in Boston, which I do think informs what we do artistically and musically. Living, working, and making art in Boston is a very specific litmus test. Once you leave, you’re definitely coming out of the other end of something. You’re maybe meaner.

A- Boston is constantly changing. It’s a very large college city so when the students graduate, a new crop comes through.  This means you’re always meeting new people, meeting new artists and hearing new bands.  It keeps my writing and music from  becoming stagnant.

I get this very cinematic vibe in your music and videos – any genre or film in particular influence the band?

S- We love film. I’m really into Jim Jarmusch’s stuff. And you kind of can’t beat Tarantino. And I haven’t seen all of Godard’s work, but Contempt is probably my over all favorite movie.

A- I’m a huge fan of classic films.  Keaton, Chaplin, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Bringing up Baby. Jazz/ blues music was huge when talkies started becoming more popular. There’s definitely that influence in my songs.  I also am a big fan of musical theater of all kinds. If you deconstruct a Disney film score from Bambi or Snow White you’ll be blown away by what you find.

Where did you find the inspiration for the songs and lyrics?

S- Almost all of these songs were written in Boston, and again, it can be a vicious place. But you’re surrounded by so many people that they sneak into the work, the whatever it is you’re getting off your chest, or the scene you’re trying convey.

A- Shoney and I write a lot of the material together.  A few of the songs that I wrote on my own were written when I drove cross country to California by myself. I lived in Austin for a little while and a few were written there. Some of the songs that we worked on and wrote in Boston were inspired by places I had been to on the road trip.  New Orleans is full of inspiration.

Any plans to hit the road?

S- We’ll have the vinyl for d’elinore in August, so we’ll be back on the road in September to promote the digital and physical release.

A- We’d love to do a “state” tour, meaning we pick one large state such as Florida or California and do a tour just around that single state. Or maybe in our new home state of North Carolina.

What else is happening next in The Lady Comes First’s world?

S- Right now, working on booking that next tour, and doing as much writing as possible to make a follow-up to this record. The goal is to keep out-doing ourselves.

A- We also have a new single/music video in the works that I’m pretty excited about.  Hopefully when it all comes together it’ll be starring quite a bit of local NC talent.

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