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A Successful Experiment: SakkieFTW releases New EP

 Making music from the heart with the freedom of an artist with no current outward expectations, SakkieFTW has produced a powerful and ambitious EP titled “Experiment 1.3.2”. As far as experiments go, this one is successful.

Ryan: Your new EP “Experiment 1.3.2” is awesome, I need to know, when can we expect a full length album?

SakkieFTW: Thank you very much, Ryan! I don’t have any plans for an album at the moment. I’m actually scaling down. My aim is to release 3 song mini EPs twice a year. This will help me focus more on quality with each song and give me time to practice what I learned.

I’m also very lucky to spend a lot of time with my son. He will be a year old soon and I want to be around for as many firsts as I can.

Ryan: Your current lead single “Spiral (featuring Kaeli McArter), is a great choice for a single, what made you choose this song over the others?

SakkieFTW: It just felt like the single from the day Kaeli sent me the vocals for it. I really liked the music for the song, but the vocals pushed from merely being good and transformed it into an excellent song. Kaeli is an amazing artist and I am very lucky to have worked with her. We are working on another song for the next EP. She is also working on her own stuff, so keep an eye out for her!

Ryan: Speaking of “Spiral”, how long did it take to make the video for this song?

SakkieFTW: My friend Garreth Fradgley wrote, shot, and edited it in South Africa. I gave him embarrassingly little money to do it with and he came through like a champ! It took a while to make because he still had to do his day job, but it was worth the wait as far as I’m concerned. He is busy on a vid for FGWTF as we speak.

Ryan: Where do you gather your musical inspiration from?

SakkieFTW: I am relatively old (37) compared to 99% of producers starting out. I only really got into electronic music three years ago so my inspiration comes from all over the place.  I enjoy listening to music that has some punch and aggression to it. So everything from Nirvana to RATM to AC/DC to Beethoven to Slayer to Skrillex to Excision.

As to what inspired me to make Dubstep? There is a video on Youtube called “DubWars: first strike” Some editor cut together hundreds of these 2 to 3 second clips to very cool dubstep. It was amazing and I watched it every day for almost a year and then decided to make this EP.


Ryan: What does your song writing process look like?

SakkieFTW: Hahahaha! Very chaotic. I wrote the whole EP in Reason 8. It all starts of with a session of just messing around with different sounds and instruments. During this session I would hopefully at some point play a cool tune by accident. I will then save the tune in a RANDOM_TUNE song file. Every couple of days I’ll listen through the random tunes until something jumps out at me. I will take this and work on it intermittently until it’s done.

I don’t do any of my own mixing and mastering. I send the songs to Adam Veenendaal who did and amazing job mixing and mastering my EP. I believe it’s important to have a fresh set of ears that’s objective about the music.

But none of it would happen without my wife supporting and believing in me. Having someone believe in you is just as important as the DAW you’re using. Keep them close and cherish them!

Ryan: What is the story behind the name SakkieFTW?

SakkieFTW: It started as a joke between friends. I’m from South Africa originally. Sakkie is a common nickname in Afrikaans culture. It roughly translates to “small bag” and our pubescent minds naturally found it hilarious. Later on I started using it as a gamer tag just for laughs. I added the FTW when the real Sakkies got there before I did.

So short answer; It’s my gamer tag.

Ryan: Are you currently playing any live shows? If so, when and where is your next show?

SakkieFTW: No live shows just yet. I still need to teach myself how to DJ properly, hahaha!

I have a couple of ideas for a really cool show, but we’ll see if I can gather the resources to get it underway. I also want to focus on getting some more songs out there first. Maybe next year if all goes well.

Ryan: What advice do you have for new artists looking to make their own EP?

SakkieFTW: You have nothing to lose. This is what I had in my head going in. No one knows me and there are no expectations, so I could make whatever I want.


Ryan: At this point, what are some of your musical highlights?

SakkieFTW: When people genuinely like my songs. I like the songs and think they are good, but it is like a cold drink on a hot day when someone tells you they like your stuff.

Ryan: Lastly, and thank you for your time. Do you have any other news that you would like to share with your audience?

SakkieFTW: I am hard at work with my next mini EP and it should be out in July.  I will post updates on my website soon.

SakkieFTW can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and his official site.

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