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Hi Law, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

I’ve been brooding, lying in wait. I’ve been productive and prolific in the studio and I’m ready to infiltrate again. 

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Spit”?

The song explores the contradictions of loneliness in a “connected world.” Spit itself is a fluid that can be shared in hostile or intimate circumstances and in the most glorious or toxic interactions. In the UK it’s regarded as anti-social but in some African communities women who spit in the street are seen as elegant and pure. Like spit, the song is both sinister and sweet, elegant and anti-social. 

In terms of the recording process, like most of the music I make it was written in an hour followed by a first-take vocal run. It is always spontaneous and I let my body register the music before my brain does. That must be the way my imagination works. In spite of it being a visceral song, I was at the mic singing whilst the rest of my body hardly dared to move. That coiled aggression is all over the track, it’s way too important to smash up guitars to.

Did any event in particular inspired you to write this song?

Only being in the studio at that hour on that particular day. The idea of writing the next track later that afternoon was also probably lurking somewhere. 

How was the film experience?

We hired a cheap room in a community hall for 2 hours and filmed it with a true DIY spirit. The caretaker was clearly displeased with our presence and did their best to sabotage proceedings. But the battle had begun and in the end we have a lot to thank her for. Our frustrations were genuine and they come pouring thorough the screen.

 The single comes off your new album City – what’s the story behind the title?

I wanted to write about the claustrophobic nature of city life and the struggle to develop personal relationships within it. There are millions of souls all avoiding one another which makes that eventual connection with one person so remarkable. Cities will try their best to drive you out and there are hundreds of people ready to replace you. So find one reason to stay and cling to it. Those are the primary colours on a sickly canvas.

How was the recording and writing process?

We took four days to write and record the entire LP. The first two were grey days in Edinburgh at the Soulpunk studio, torrents of rain water running down Leith Walk. The last two days were in London in a rehearsal room off the Holloway Road. There were crowds of Arsenal fans and I had a genuine feeling of disorientation. My manager (Tim Brinkhurst) and I like to write quickly and bravely. Moods, themes and explanations come after the fact.

Any city in particular get to influence this album in particular?

It’s an amalgamation of all the cities I’ve ever lived in and the meagre journeys in between them. We’re sealed in tight, you see.

I can hear some Imogen Heap – does she plays a role in your music?

I don’t know her music, is she good? 

I have heard some crazy stories that have happened to you during the recording process – like a Looney assaulting you for no reason – how has this crazy experience have influence you as an artist?

I had to hole up and recover for quite a few months after an eye operation. The person who punched me had a similarly unintentional effect as the woman intent on interrupting our filming for the video. If I hadn’t have gone to the hospital I would have gone blind, I made it just in time. By punching me in the eye she saved my sight. We were two people in a city who collided and if you follow the river, you’ll come to the battlefield. I am better now.

Any plans to hit the road?

Yes, we’re always planning and I want to go everywhere. But I’ve learnt from experience in this business not to take anything for granted until your name is written on the bill in the promoter’s blood.

What else is happening next in Law Holt’s world?

I’ve got two albums recorded, mastered, and ready to release along with some very aesthetically diverse videos. I’m also collaborating with the amazing Theresa Coburn to design stage outfits for myself and my band. My beautiful friends at Altern’ Essence have also concocted a perfume inspired by and named after another track “Haters.”

I plan to see the world and sing on as many stages as I can. I want to play for as many cynics as I do supporters. And I want to come out the other end with another album and another take.

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