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Hi guys, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?
Dan – We’ve been good! Things are looking bright and we’ve been having a fun time recording our new stuff and trying to battle our way to higher levels on the live front. It’s busy but it’s all positive.

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “What’s Up?”
Dan – Of course! It’s landing soon through our own label PYAR Records and we’re really excited. It’s a hard hitter but we like to think it’s as melodic as it is angry. That song is like the big bang of this year for us. Our first EP turned out to be significant to Furian in finding out how we work together as musicians and this single feels like the first time we’ve really got it sussed and it’s given us a lot of direction. I think every band has that finding their feet period and ‘What’s Up’ sort of marks the end of that chapter and the start of the next one.

Did any event in particular inspire you to write this song?
Dan – Not really to be honest. I try not to think too much when I write lyrics and specific events don’t usually spark that fire. Strange as that sounds, I find if you pick a theme based on your current feeling and just ramble about it, then edit it, things come out more purely and honestly and that’s really central to our music. We try to approach everything in that way, including the instrumentation. We actually wrote the music together before the lyrics. Our theory is that if it truly means something to us then it will probably mean something to someone else and we’re one of those bands that doesn’t really like editing too much. Editing out all the humanity is actually a pet hate of mine. I’m pretty sure the guys feel similarly on that front. The track is about having the potential to make a difference and feeling bad because the world can shout you down sometimes but it stresses the importance of never giving up until you find that special thing and succeed in it. I guess we’re hoping that someday we can be special to our listeners and help get them through whatever it is they’re going through, good or bad. I think we’ve all had times in our lives where we felt like we were banging our head against a wall so much that we’ve wondered if it’s worth carrying on. There’s nothing worse than feeling alone in that situation. We just wanted people to not be alone with that feeling and that’s how it came out. Definitely a dark one. We’re not always this gloomy though we promise!

Can you tell us more about the track?
Dan – Absolutely. The song is pretty important to us personally because the content is very reflective of how it feels to be in our situation ie. A bunch of creatives trying to get out there and have a positive impact on the world. We’re sure a lot of people can relate to that in their own way and we certainly hope it helps them. Doing anything outside the guidelines of everyday life is always going to be tricky and being in a band definitely falls into that. The rest of the planet will no doubt face that in their own pursuits. As for the video and the tone of the video… That’s very deliberate and its literal meaning carries as much as the double meaning.

Sometimes you get so beat down that you feel like there’s really nothing left inside and that’s why the chorus asks such a direct question. I know I’ve had times where I’ve wondered if there’s a real person left in my own head because I’ve become so numb and upset by how I’ve been treated in the past but not all of life is like that and there has to be a bridge to cross to better things. ‘What’s Up’ is sort of an audio attempt at building that bridge. There are good and bad things in life and sometimes you need a sharp jolt to remind you why you should always keep going. It sounds overly emotional but it is I suppose. We’re not ashamed of that. We just hope people enjoy it!

How was the recording/ writing process?
Abhi – We’ve been quite fortunate that we have our own recording studio and with Dan being a sound engineer and producer, it’s certainly helped us out with the writing process and keeping our music completely DIY. In most cases, one of us maps out our initial idea, then we hand it to Damien for drums and the rest of us keep adding ideas until we are 100% happy. That was certainly the way we wrote ‘What’s Up’. Dan came up with structure for the song and we just threw our own extra details on top. The first time he showed us the opening riff it was a mutual head nod moment followed by ‘that’s sick’. That’s the usual form of approval in Furian.

What roles to letlive and Deftones play in your music?
Abhi- When we first started off we had very little mutual interests in bands and influences. Which in a strange way has helped our music writing process! Letlive are one of our favourite bands. The lyrics, the riffs, melodies, the live performance and general attitude was awe inspiring…

Dan – The thing with Letlive and Deftones is they do their own thing and they do it with honesty. Their whole approach to music isn’t to be famous or be glamorous, it’s to put across an honest message and feeling that people can get behind and enjoy. Or at least that’s the impression they give us. It’s also a way of expressing who they really are. We’re very much on the same wavelength when it comes to that whole aspect. Furian just write music and people can either love it or hate it. At least we can hold our hands up and say we aren’t trying to be anyone. I think Letlive and Deftones are both bands that could honestly say that and so if there are any footsteps to follow for us it’d be at least in that direction. Reuben are another one. Can’t forget Reuben.

Does the single mean we have a new album coming up? What does it mean?
Abhi – Well, we have a number of songs in the works at the moment, some completed some that need more work but there’s no thoughts of releasing an album as such. Not to say it won’t happen. We really tried to raise the bar for ourselves with these new batch of songs, as well as honing our own sound in the process. That being said, these songs are all different in their own way and so we want to release them all as singles and give them each the attention we think they deserve. But who knows, they could make their way onto an EP or album once we feel it’s time! Singles and music videos seems to be the best approach for bands trying to cut through these days anyway so we’ll stick with that for now.

Any plans to hit the road?
Abhi – Yes! In the end of July we will be embarking on our second ever UK tour with a special thanks to Mark from the European Tour Collective. Except this time, we have our own sleeper van and we’re touring with two other incredible bands; Dear Sleeper and Canons (which you should totally check out). Dates and cities can be found on our website as Facebook page! Tour is always such an exciting time for a band like us, giving us the opportunity to leave normal life behind and just play shows and chill in different cities. Hopefully this time we will learn not to drink as much. Probably not. Actually definitely not. Oh well.

What else is happening next in FURIAN’s world?
Dan – I think for us, being where we are with our career at the moment we need to just stay grounded and focused and work at getting a bigger fan-base. We obviously want people to hear our music and we aren’t even two years old yet so it’s early days. There’s no point us jumping the gun and pretending we’re huge or something so it’s probably just a case of touring our faces off and getting these new singles out for the world to hear. I mean it’s always good to have a plan and we do have one for the future but at this present moment we just want to get out there and see how many new friends and fans we can make. If someday we can call it a career and honestly have it keep us afloat then we will be over the moon but for now it’s just hard work and more hard work. We’re fine with that though. We’re thankful for everything we have and will definitely be thankful for anything further to that. I guess all we can encourage people to do is to get involved and join the party!

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  1. I just wanted to give a personal thank you to VENTS for giving us the opportunity to be interviewed by yourselves. Best wishes from me and Furian. Thank you guys very much.

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