Hi guys, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?
How are ye, we are grand!

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Existence is Futile”?
It started out as a hip hop track and lay around for several months as I did not know what to do with it until one day I got really baked,picked up the guitar and then lathered loads of reverb on it. Gradually I completed the track and then… it was done.

Did any event in particular inspired you to write this song?
No,I was just fucking around with a sample for a while, I had no lyrics for the track until one day I was having a massive panic attack, I proceeded to just scribble down a description of how I felt at the time using my panicked neurological facilities, those of which had been compromised due to severe panic. I wanted the lyrics to be true to what was happening to me so I left them unedited and for that reason they don’t make sense and are kind of stupid, but for me they are very real. You feel largely alone when you are in that state and find other people impossible to relate to so the video concept is just me in a gas mask walking around alone in a desolate apocalyptic place (not my idea but it was what the director Ray McBride) and I settled on.

I was thinking about the universe too much when clearly I should just have been out working 9-5 and looking for a partner to settle down and have kids with.

Any plans to release a video for the single?
The video and single came out nearly 2 weeks ago.

Why naming the record after this track?
I named the EP after the track because all of the tracks on it are about my perceptions of existence in both the macro and the micro, from personal to more cosmic, the EP touches on more or less how the biggest existential threat to humans, is humans. I also took the piss out of myself on the second track on the EP as I was having a small scale identity crisis which started out by again pondering the nature of things too much but that track is kinda funny (to me at least).

How was the recording and writing process?
It was like hell on earth, I hate music now and I never want to hear it ever again. God bless Ableton live though.

Does Ireland plays a role in your sound?
The Irish language does,the social problems of Ireland are rampant on our first EP and on our second EP are more broadly universal themes through an Irishmans lens I suppose, I guess I wouldn’t have such a bleak view on everything if I wasn’t Irish, well I probably would, it just might not have been as blunt.

What led you to write an album about all these themes – what was happening in your life?
Not having a house of my own, anxiety, depression, shit relationship situation. All the depressing shit that can happen when you suddenly realize you are actually an adult and are not prepared enough for it.

What particular elements of existence get to inspire the songs and lyrics on this record?
The fact that we consume everything with no intention of stopping. We’re destroying everything,we treat things that don’t speak like our subordinates,we treat people that don’t speak ENGLISH like our sub ordinates also, hence the song we have about the refugee crisis. We’re constantly at war with each other and of course, the disparity of wages between countries (using the Chinese as the workshop of the world for fuck all money) is devaluing human life. The human race is valuing certain humans over others,yet humans are so self important that we have created god in our own image even though we are just a bunch of cunts. We think we are so special that we are going to live forever in one form or another just because we are lucky enough to exist. The sheer arrogance of it all just makes me sick. We are meaningless and existence is futile, so go out and experience what we are so lucky to have. Go skydiving, buy your local homeless man a beer, burn a church,do something fun with life! Simpolz!

Any plans to hit the road?
We have gigs coming up and are working on getting the gosh darn heck out of Ireland as soon as possible

What else is happening next in Tuath’s world?
Getting static members is my next task. I have two more EP’s halfway ready ’cause I think albums take too long, and if I can’t even listen to an album in its entirety myself then I’m never going to be making one. I’m in the process of making a more electronic EP under the name “fugue state” with shoegaze vocalists from around the world.

Watch here.

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