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Offering Up Some Great New Music. Christian & The 2120’s Release “Moments”

From Kalmar, Sweden comes the instantly classic garage-blues-rock sound of Christian & The 2120’s. With their high energy new album titled “Moments”, this band is set to harvest a major audience with their unique style and great musicianship.


Ryan: What is the story behind the name Christian & The 2120’s?

Christian: The story of the name Christian & The 2120’s is really a nod to one of the coolest labels that has a lot my favorite artist and albums.

Its’ CHESS Records on 2120 Michigan Avenue in Chicago, and I really like the idea with my name also.

Ryan: How did the band form?

Christian: I was tired of the regular box of my previous bands, since I’ve always been the main songwriter, always been humming for the singers of those bands how to sing and so on. I just came to that point that I just had to try my own wings and run everything on my own terms, and if it wouldn’t workout I could just go back to that humming to a singer again, but it turned out great so I kept doing it.

Ryan: I couldn’t find a lead single for your album Moments. Is there an unofficial single for the album at this point?

Christian: There was a limited 7″ vinyl single released as a single for the song “Have Mercy” October 24th that was released on this 7″ vinyl and a video that can be found on Youtube, Facebook among other social media.

Ryan: Where do you gather inspiration from?

Christian: Of course my ever growing record collection are a very big inspiration, going to see live shows with both famous or unknown bands/artists here and there. Howling around my house and doing lumberjack stuff in the woods are also very inspirational for me. And just be at home doing nothing is really inspirational for me as well


Ryan: What does your song writing process look like?

Christian: My songwriting process are 95% me just noodling around on my guitar, and it’s 50/50 acoustic and electric, and when something catches my heart, I just record it on my phone so I can revisit it later on, and not forget it, which I would have done otherwise

One thing I’ve learned is to change keys to write in, since I find it extremely boring with albums where all the songs are in the same key, so I also experiment with different tunings to keep the writing process fun and interesting while I write a new song.

On rare occasions I have a lyric before I have the music ready, but that is really rare, I think writing the lyrics of the songs are the hardest thing when it comes to songwriting


Ryan: At this point in your musical career, what are some of your biggest highlights?

Christian: Well, there’s been a few highlights, getting to hear/see my songs in all the movies/tv-shows is for sure a very big highlight. Also being able to play at big festivals all over Europe, being able to tour as much as I have, and one thing I have to mention are when I played at Sweden’s biggest blues festival, Åmål Bluesfest a couple of years ago, and one of the headliners was legendary and hero T-Model Ford gave me both thumbs up and a hug when he watched me play, that is something I will carry with me forever!

Ryan: How long did your album take to make?

Christian: The actual recordings didn’t take more than four days, two days in Berlin and two days in LA, then it took a long time to sync our (mine, the producer & the mixer guys’) calendars, when it came time to get it mixed, we got some dates that all of us were free, it then only took four days.

The writing of the songs maybe took six months altogether, I wrote fifteen songs for this album and we kept the ones that ended up on the album, while the other ones ended up as bonus tracks and such.

Ryan: Do you have advice for any new bands looking to record their first album?

Christian: Rehearse & practice a lot, BUT do not overdo it, since then you probably will get bored before you even get into the studio. Just come well prepared instead, knowing what you want to do. Book a few shorter recording sessions with three to four songs at the time, instead of recording the whole album straight, then you can focus more than trying to record ten songs straight. Also, don’t be afraid to kill your darlings (the songs).

Play the songs for some real and honest friends before you head into the studio, if they start doing something while listening to them, then you have to work some more on the songs so the listener doesn’t get bored while listening to your songs.

I always play my new songs for my wife, she’s brutally honest, and if she starts to do something while listening to some new stuff I’m working on, then I have to keep working on it cause it’s not ready yet.

Don’t forget to have fun, if you have fun when you record something, it will show!


Ryan: If you could collaborate with someone on a future song, who would that be?

Christian: Hard question, but just to hang out with Jack White, talking music, playing records, having a beer (or ten) during a day, would be really inspiring.

Ryan: Lastly, and thank you for your time. Do you have any news that you would like to share with your fans?


Christian: Well first I would like to thank you for reaching out to me and finding my music!

There will be a vinyl edition of the album that will be released this summer, it will be a heavy weight double album with a gatefold sleeve, plus a bonus cd with 5 songs (three originals and two Robert Johnson songs)

I just got back from LA, after a fast recording session that turned out really well together with Ted Russell Kamp & John Schreffler from the Shooter Jennings band.

These recording will see the light of day in the future for sure.

Christian & The 2120’s can be found on Facebook and Bandcamp.

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