INTERVIEW: Celestial Son

Hi guys, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?
Rasmus: Thanks man! All good here.

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Open Wound”?

The track is probably one of the more edgy ones on the album. It was never intended to be so personal, well I guess nothing on the album was deliberately made as experiential as it came out, but as I wrote the song(s) it felt natural and it just had to be like that. In terms of sound I think it has a nice modern grunge vibe to it which is kinda rare.

Did any event in particular inspired you to write this song?
It definitely deals with a great deal of pain and stuff from my past, so it’s not like easy listening. But I wouldn’t say a single event in particular – more like a series of events. I’m actually not that comfy talking in length about the inspiration for this song as the content mostly derives from my childhood. Listen to the song instead.

How was the film experience?
Like always when I’ve worked with Lasse Hoile it’s been a true honor. He is and has been for a long time one of the absolute brightest minds in my world of music video directors. He’s just brilliant – and I love the way we collaborate on the project with the theme of the track in a dominant position. Filming the video, I got this ‘Into the Wild’ kind of feeling emerging ourselves into the untamed and vast wilderness of the Danish west coast. It was an extraordinary other-worldly experience – very intimate and personal just as the song calls for.

The single comes off your new album Saturn’s Return – what’s the story behind the title?
Saturn’s Return is in short referring to the time when planet Saturn returns to the same place in the sky as when you were born. The cycle takes around 29 years and it is said that the years leading up to this return is a vital period of a person’s life where you are reaching full adulthood and faced with the responsibilities and choices of an adult. Many are also faced with all the issues that one haven’t dealt with before and that can be rather overwhelming especially if the baggage is heavy. My Saturn’s return has been, and still is, rather tough and is the keystone in terms of inspiration for writing the music and lyric for the record.

How was the recording and writing process?
Well to tell you the truth it has been a quite lonesome venture – especially writing and arranging both music and lyrics by myself. I would never do it any differently for this record, but at the same time it has been more than five years where everything in my life has been about this record and these songs. The recording and mixing process was actually quite lonesome as well with me practically living in the studio for almost half a year. The mixing room where I was bunking had no windows and I was practically locked in after 6 PM when my skilled producer buddy Anders Ruby left. Don’t get me wrong – there are absolutely no regrets. I’ve loved every minute and all the hard work has lead me to collaborate with some extremely talented people and not least my bandmates, who sacrifices a lot for this vision of mine.

Besides the new name, has there been any changes when it comes to the sound?
I guess the sound on the new record is a bit more direct, melodic and somewhat industrial and grungy. I like to think of it as rock with some progressive and industrial traits merged with a grungy squint of the nineties. Often I also think I’ve ‘just’ become a better writer and producer.

What role does Copenhagen plays in your music?
Not that much actually – although I kind of hear a Scandinavian influence in the music and definitely in the videos. We had a year living in Hamburg a few years back and that was a big influence on the industrial properties of the sound.

Where did you find the inspiration for the songs and lyrics?
I kinda already got into this didn’t I. But any who – on this new record Saturn’s Return the inspiration is definitely more personal where as it was more political on our debut. It was never my intention to go ultra personal like this, but early on there was definitely a case of point of no return and the road was just laid out, so to speak. I guess the genre (grunge) has this grab on its agents doesn’t it?

Any plans to hit the road?
Yup! These days we’re actually coming to the end of our Saturn’s Return tour pt. 1 were we just did a big production here in Copenhagen last week incorporating live shadow theater, video projections by international directors and a massive light show. It was all good fun and we are making plans to take this show further out in the world. Hopefully we’ll have an extensive Fall tour booket these next few months, so stay tuned for that.

What else is happening next in Celestial Son’s world?
Yeah well loads of things actually – what I’m probably most psyched about is the concert video coming out soon. We recorded the show here in Copenhagen last week and from what I’ve seen so far it looks really really good. The show was killer so I can’t wait to show you that! Bye and thank you guys.

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