INTERVIEW: Kylie Hughes

Hi Kylie, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

I have been goooood. I’ve had this music video ready to go for a couple of weeks so I’ve been dying to release it. Thank you Vents for being the one to premier it!

 Can you talk to us about recording the single, “Never Ever”?

Totes. Never Ever was written in Malibu, California but recorded in Nashville, Tennessee. My producer Brent Bourgeois got us all dialed in at Charlie Peacock’s recording studios which he calls “the art house”. The whole building was a Church that Peacock converted into a house and recording studio. So that was new for me, haha. We also put real orchestra strings from Ireland to really flesh out the cinematic feel that I wanted. I’m not classically trained in music and can not read music at all so to have an orchestra playing my stuff was pretty surreal.

 Did any event in particular inspire you to write this song?

Just being super dramatic after a break up, haha. I think that sometimes (personally) I can be so committed in a relationship that it can feel like the promises you say are like vows, the expectations to get through anything are like marriage, being broken up with is like being left at the altar and putting yourself back together again is like divorce.

 How was the filming the music video for “Never Ever”? What inspired the video’s design aesthetic?

The lyrics really directed the video on their own. It’s about a bride being left at the altar and calling out the one that left her like, “who do you think you are, I’m awesome and you’re blowing it so don’t even try and come back and fix it because we’re over”.

I told my director, Jamie Yukich, that I knew I had to be running around distraught in a wedding dress. I just love the visual and love the symbolism of a bride. We shot up at Lake Nacimiento in Central California that gets this creepy fog layer on it in the mornings and I wanted this eerie haunting feeling to be its own character in the video- Contrasting with the beauty of the cinematography, dresses and hand made crowns by Amaroq Designs. Because every girl should feel like a princess on her UnWedding day. 😉

 Does the new single mean we can expect new singles or a new EP / LP in the future? How’s that coming along?

 Yes you can expect more singles and hopefully an new EP/LP by the end of this summer. I love to release the singles with the visual component of a music video. I always think of songs from start to finish; writing it in a notebook to recording, to video treatment. It’s art all the way through.

Any tentative release dates or titles in mind for new material?

Tentative EP/LP release date would be August 2016. And one or two singles between now and then.

 After making quite a name about yourself with “Calipopicana” – will you be following the same sound with new releases or will you be taking some risks?

Calipopicana is such a specific sound and something that I want to keep capsuled in that EP. The new songs are taking a direction  which is still Pop but I’m playing with more sounds like String orchestras and maybe even flirting with Country… But I will always be POP!

Any plans to hit the road?

In the works. I’m trying to reach people through the interworkings of the internet right now, I don’t know if you’re familiar with the Interweb (I hope my humor is coming across here, haha). I want to make contact through people’s screens that their holding all day and so that when I have shows, people will come. Maybe know a couple of songs already too.

What else is happening next in Kylie Hughes’ world?

Getting ready to film that next video for that next single…. So I’m Stoked.

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