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So it’s been 25 years since you guys release your uberly famous song “I’m Too Sexy” – looking back, did you ever expected this song would be so successful and transcend time and culture?

No, we had no idea it would even make it out of the studio. We knew that we liked it and everyone we played it to loved it, except for the record labels of course but we’d grown use to that. It’s longevity and it’s status are quite unbelievable.

I know it’s been a while, but pretty curious on what inspired you to write this song?

We had a backing track looped on the computer, the bass line was playing an E major scale, Richard suddenly started singing ‘I’m too sexy for my shirt’ using the bass line melody, we thought this is either shit or possibly brilliant – the jury’s still out!

Since, you have released some other great albums but except for your fans, most people know you for this track – how do you feel about it?

We love ‘I’m Too Sexy’, if that’s how people know us then so be it.

For this Anniversary you are releasing a special EP – what can we expect from this record?

Initially, we re-recorded the track from the bottom up, then using those stems we’ve created a ’deep house’ mix and an ‘electro swing’ mix. There’s also a ‘fan’ mix we’re recording on June 26th. A (big) handful of fans will join us in the studio for an ‘I’m-too-sexy-sing-a-long’.

Speaking of new material, you are launching a crowdfund campaign for your new material – what led you to launch this? Were you looking to join the trend or was there any other reason?

I was a Dresden Dolls fan so I watched Amanda Palmer’s Kickstarter campaign with great interest. We’ve always been self-funding and or independent. Crowd funding felt like a natural progression, we’d been talking about it for awhile and had met up with the guys at Pledge a few times well over a year ago. Maintaining control of our content is a big deal to us, this gives us that, plus the opportunity to interact with fans during the recording and make it more bespoke to those fans who want that.

How can fans enter this contest to visit you at the studio? 

Easy peasy –

Are there any other benefits? 

Yes, lots of stuff we wouldn’t normally think of making available like the bass guitar from the ‘I’m Too Sexy’ video, signed hand written lyrics from any song, executive producer credit plus we’ll be adding new stuff every month.

How has been the writing process?

Initially as always, Rich and I sit down with an acoustic guitar and start playing ideas around. We then take those raw ideas into a recording studio, we then do a little pre-production then take those ideas away with us and hopefully add to them. We are in the habit of over –writing so quite often one song gives fruit to others. We’ve pretty much always done it like this, 90% of songs start on the acoustic. We nearly always co-write with one or two other people once we start the recording process.

Are you seeking for a new direction with this record?

A little in as much it’s tougher than previous albums. I’m (Fred) using a different guitar, amp and effects setup, we’re using a brand new production team, studio and co-writers.  We’re listening to slightly different stuff as well so I think that’s had an effect.

Where are you finding the inspiration for the songs and lyrics? In terms of lyrics they’re from our personal lives, stuff we read about in the press, song titles that we like. In terms of guitar sounds I like Josh Homme, he’s made me more inquisitive about guitar effects. We reference tracks for production but not just one artist, we tend to cherry pick from tracks we’ve heard or we like.

Any plans to hit the road? 

Indeed, we hope to be out next year with a brand new band.

What else is happening next in Right Said Fred’s world?

We’re involved in a new health drink, we expect it to be in the shops in 2017. We have songs in 3 indie movies scheduled for release this year.

‘I Had a Bloody Good Time at House Harker’ , ‘Gridiron’ and ‘Meet Pursuit DeLange’.

We will be hitting the road touring with a full band and hopefully, making new friends.

Plus we are working on an autobiography but that’s taking a long time.


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