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CD REVIEW: When We Were Young by The Energy

The hard-hitting, drastic and dynamic tracks of the album When We Were Young by The Energy, as well as its deep, heart-felt and emotional ballads deal with personal tragedies and heartaches of the band members. They expose all the anguish that has, probably, been suppressed for a very long time.

Punk/rock/alternative/rap rock influences are clearly seen with half an eye. The sound of The Energy is contemporary and of immediate interest, though they don’t use any modern electronic intricate turns and twists in their music, what makes them authentic in a way. Nowadays it’s quite difficult to find musicians, who don’t experiment or fool with such a marvellous invention of the human kind as computers and other achievements of technology, no matter how appealing this idea might seem.

The melodic, soft voice of the vocalist interprets the heart-strings of the rockers. Heart-breaks and disappointment, hopes and aspirations, sadness and…no anger…I didn’t find any anger or aggression in their songs. Surprisingly. Quite unjust for rock music of such disposition, isn’t it? If you were offered to check out their instrumentals without vocal parts, you would probably think, these tunes are full of hatred and resentment, animosity and rage, but they are not, not at all. They are rather melancholic and blue.

The softest and lightest song of the album, Little Man, caressed my ear the most. It suits the voice of the singer the best way, so that it can be shown in its full texture. The tune is charmingly tender, – I suppose, it was meant to be a lullaby to somebody’s son.

The songs are alert with hope, inspite of all the pain they are full of. It gives the optimistic nature of the musicians away.

Most of the tracks send a positive message to the listener, even though they are narratives of hardships of The Energy. These ambiguous tunes will appeal to young people, who are going through the achievement of their personhood and self-identification, through the times of finding themselves; who are still very dependant on emotional attachements and motivated by the desire to prove something, to themselves, first and utmost; who are in search of the truth and feel like victims of circumstances in life, to some extent; or to those, who once were young and wish to go back to the times, when it was so; to the times, when their romantic search was filling them with strong emotions.

One should take the songs from When We Were Young with them, if they are looking to the future with optimism and hope and know, that everything, they are dealing with now, will pass, if they just let go and express what they feel, and live it.

Life is life, and it goes on, even if you’re already not that young, as you wish you could be. Every age has its beautiful sides and benefits, brings new experiences; but, somehow, human nature is so, that we tend to cherish the times When We Were Young the most, and we’ll always sing songs about those years…

Purchase Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/when-we-were-young/id1104692098

by Anastasia Shanueva

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