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Inspiring Minds, We talk With The Talented Dak

Bringing us a bit of old with a bit of new, the inspiring and methodical Dak offers up a musical history lesson with his new album titled 2 Face. Currently promoting his hot new single “Draining Me”, Dak is here to show us why he deserves all the attention he is getting.

Ryan: Your new EP titled 2 Face is a bit of the old hip-hop meets a bit of the new sound. Was this an intentional blending of time periods?

Dak: Yes, 2 Face was a project where the original intention was to maintain an older style of Hip-Hop while also giving it a modern twist. I was focusing on using some of the traditions held in past eras of Hip-Hop in a way that is still relevant to today’s musical scene and still relatable to the generations of this era. I did this because there are certain aspects of the music of older generations that I really value and want to see still being implemented in today’s music.

Ryan: Where do you gather inspiration from?

Dak: I gather inspiration from all over. The internet is obviously a great source because there is endless opportunities for finding new music and creative thinkers if you dig deep enough. I try to not listen to Hip-Hop music when I’m trying to find inspiration just because I know that I’ll end up creating something inauthentic to me and something that sounds recycled.

Ryan: What does your song writing process look like?

Dak: It depends on the type of song I’m making. For some, the music is already laid out and structured in a way that already creates a certain tone. Then my job is just to find words that fit the tone. Other times I start writing when I only have a basic idea for a song. That is when the words start dictating where the music will be headed.

Ryan: Your current single “Draining Me” is an obvious choice for an album single. What made you choose this particular track over the others?

Dak: I chose “Draining Me” as the single because I wanted to have the single highlight the range of skill sets that I have. “Draining Me” was the song that I think most displayed all of my talents I wanted to show, ranging from production, singing, word play, technical rapping ability, and creativity.

Dak 9

Ryan: How long have you been in the music industry?

Dak: I am fairly new to the music industry to be honest. I have been making Hip-Hop music for a while but only have really dived into the industry side of things for about a few years.

Ryan: How long did the 2 Face EP take to make?

Dak: The whole process of 2 Face took about a year to make. Since it was self-produced it was very time consuming in both the making the music as well as building up the resources to make the music. It’s tough mostly because everything is up to you. You have to make a lot of decisions and sacrifices that are hard to call on your own. You definitely feel less certain when you don’t have second opinions or are in collaboration with others to help you out. But because I wanted it to be mostly representative of me I tried to keep it contained to only my thought process.

Ryan: At this point in your musical career, what are some of your musical highlights?

Dak: My musical career is fairly young, so I am mostly looking forward to what is to come.

Ryan: If you could collaborate with an artist of your choice, who would you like to work with?

Dak: D’angelo has always been an artist that I look up to. His creative choices and musical interpretations are something that I wish I knew more about. I would probably just ask him a million questions about music if I got to work with him.

Ryan: What advice do you have for anyone looking to make their own EP?

Dak: I mean, my advice would probably be just commit to it. It’s really just about the process for me. The process of trying to make the best music you can is the most beneficial and fulfilling part, regardless of how the music turns out being.

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Ryan: Your style is very different from the club-heavy hip-hop saturating the scene. What makes you choose such a different direction?

Dak: I didn’t really grow up in that kind of environment. It is something that I listen to but is less relatable to me than other types of music. I didn’t intentionally make this decision but I think it happened because I was trying to produce self-reflective music and so inherently was not drawing most of my influence from the club environment.

Ryan: Do you have any plans for a music video?

Dak: I have two music videos in the works related to the EP. It’s just a matter of adding the finishing touches.

Ryan: Lastly, and thank you for your time. Do you have any news that you would like to share with your fans? 

Dak: Recently, I have been working with MEMBA, two up and coming producers from New York. We have a single out on iTunes, Spotify, and Apple Music called “Bricks” that you can check out. We also have a lot more music in the works that is planning to be released in the future.

Dak can be found on Facebook.

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