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Changing With The Seasons. Bryson Green Offers Up “Go Green”

Ambition is a word that has many levels, for some it is as simple as cleaning the house or going to yoga three times in a week; then there are ambitious as lofty as Bryson Green’s 52 songs in 52 weeks! Giving us the first of many tracks to come, Bryson Green offers us his first of 52 with the inspired track “I Know It”.

I Know It Cover3

Ryan: 52 songs in 52 weeks. What made you decide to take on such a massive challenge?

Bryson Breen: Challenge? Wasn’t much of one, keeping pace with the songs is the most challenging. Changing release dates, pushing songs up or back. Getting it down to 52 was the toughest part, I had over 150 songs. But what’s life without challenges?

Ryan: Your first single is titled “I Know It”. Why was this song chosen over your others?

Bryson Breen: I had been sitting on “I Know It” for awhile. I really liked the visual, and I felt like it’d be the right way to ease into the whole project. The song is a slow cooker, and now I’m picking it up with the releases.

Ryan: Where do you gather your inspiration from?

Bryson Breen: My family, my friends, myself, my God. The distance between where I am and where I want to be is the biggest motivation.

Ryan: What does your song writing process look like?

Bryson Breen: You ever seen a Picasso? Organized chaos: sometimes it comes like a wind, sometimes I have to roost on it, sometimes I’ll finish writing the song before the track is even done playing.

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Ryan: How would you describe your music to someone that has not heard it before?

Bryson Breen: Like a cold glass of water on a hot summer’s day. It’s original, and genuine, and full of love.

Ryan: How long have you been making music?

Bryson Breen: All my life. Started playing drums in the church as a boy.

Ryan: Is there a specific theme running through the entire project, or is that a secret?

Bryson Breen: The name of the project is “Go Green: The Seasons” so it’s a seasonal theme, 52 songs over 52 weeks and we’re going to package it as 4 albums on ITunes. You have “Go Green: The Rebirth” – “Go Green: Summer Reign” – “Go Green: The Fall” – “Go Green: The Calm”. The spring songs are a refreshing, the summer songs are a little hotter, the autumn songs are a little more reflective, and the winter songs are colder. The vibe of the music matches the season.

Ryan: What advice do you have for someone looking to make their own album?

Bryson Breen: Make it! So many artists, independent especially, sit on project for eternities trying to perfect everything. Make dope shit, and share it with people is my philosophy.

Ryan: Do you have any plans to release music videos this year as well?

Bryson Breen: I’m releasing a song every Friday for a year, but once a month, every 4 or 5 weeks I’m releasing a music video to accompany the song. So by the end of the year I’ll have 12 new videos out. I’m dropping video number 2 this Friday for a song titled “Get It,” it’s a banger.


Ryan: Lastly, and thank you for your time. Do you have any news that you would like to share with your fans?

Bryson Breen:  Just stay abreast because I’ll be releasing a lot of music, a song a week for a year, and you’ll be able to grab it anywhere, ITunes, Soundcloud, Spotify, Tidal, and so forth. Head over to the website to check out the Go Green movement www.BrysonGreen.com , Follow me on twitter @BrysonGreen, and lookout for me performing in a city near you. Thanks for the opportunity and your time. God bless.

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