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CD REVIEW: Magnolia by Swift Creek

I just can’t stop repeating “Oh, my God” for I’m at a loss for words, – there are pure emotions, saturating me inside and out. Magnolia by Swift Creek has just blown my mind!

The band was formed in Central North Carolina, near Swift Creek, hence the name. It was six years ago, when the five well-experienced musicians decided to join hands to create something truly incredible. The magicians’ names are: Kevin Brown (Vocals, Guitar, Songwriting), Dennis Hoyle (Bass), Casey Elder (Mandolin, Dobro, Vocals), Stephen Fraleigh (Fiddle, Banjo, Vocals), Ann Searcy (Vocals, Band Manager).

They are genuine Artists, that are able to put the whole beauty of life, – with all its injustice and pain, surprises and lessons, overwhelming wisdom and harmony, inconceivable mysteries and secrets, –  together and express it through their mellifluent masterpieces: smooth, unfailing, ingenious and full of love and acceptance of imperfection of existence. Each song of the album sparkles with all colours of the rainbow. They embrace you in their poetic lyrics and cradle gently, letting you see the world with their all-searching eye.

The musicians subtly blend bluegrass, country and folk, gracefully utilizing a range of different instruments, including quite rare ones. You can hardly understand where one starts, and another ends, – they dance in perfect lockstep.

I have never been to the places the band narrates us about, but here it is: Harlem River, their “little town”, their garden, that river bend, The Levee, – right before my eyes, around me, I can breathe that air and feel that atmosphere. Isn’t it marvellous? Swift Creek allows you to get those vibes, as if you grew up with them, and their culture is something natural to you.

Every tune tells a story, that astounds you with its depth and power. Startling three-part harmonies make you feel like in a little while you will hear angels and harps.

These songs will make you cry and smile, wonder and dance, be blue and high, – the quintet will give you a ride through all their experiences, let you see all their sights and traditions, their state of life, – it is so romantic and exquisite, it will charm and fascinate you. They understand Mother Nature’s language, for they live in it’s lap.

The highest quality of the production deserves admiration. There is no hint at the twenty first century bells and whistles, – just the human souls, original instruments, perfectly handled; genuine stories and nature that gave birth to all of it. Maybe we don’t need anything else? Maybe life is beautiful enough the way it is?

I swear, I have fallen in love with Magnolia and Swift Creek, that don’t try to prove anything, but just observe and tell; that don’t judge or label things and people, but just share what they see; that don’t get riled up and take advantage, but just live their lives, doing what they love.

There is no chance that such music will ever stop thrilling and touching people, for it addresses directly to our souls, and it is the very core of us, our very essence.

YOU TUBE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x43ljHq2Bn4

by Anastasia Shanueva

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