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Back From The Ashes. Post Death Soundtrack Offers Us The Unlearning Curve

The Unlearning Curve

Not every band that takes a break can come back as strong as Post Death Soundtrack. After a three year hiatus, Kenneth Buck, Steve Moore & Jon Ireson, have rejoined to offer us a remastered gem of an album titled The Unlearning Curve. Hailing from Vancouver, BC, these three musical vets have been working inside and outside of Post Death Soundtrack for many years now, with a notable band you might have heard of called The Unravelling. With all three members bringing a different musical inspiration and idea to the table, what Post Death Soundtrack has brought us is truly inspired and unique.

The current lead single gaining momentum is titled “You Can’t Go Back”. This anthem-like track is a great way for Post Death Soundtrack to introduce themselves to their many new fans. The song embraces the bands strong spiritual and socially aware ideals, and keeps true to the dark inspirations such as Nine Inch Nails, Portishead, and Skinny Puppy. The track is both haunting and uplifting, a truly unique juxtaposition of sound, obviously intended to play to both sides of perception.

“Beauty Eyes I Adore” showcases the bands harmony skills, and with a very Radiohead feel, this track is not for the faint of heart. It is an emotionally challenging track that has a complicated structure, but the musical payoff is truly great. Like most songs off The Unlearning Curve, this track feels incredibly cinematic, and it would be placed well in both movies and videogames alike (but only serious minded ones).

The song that wins the award for the most insane has to go to “Little Alice”, this track pulls no punches, both lyrically and vocally. The beat that runs through the song is devious and dangerous, and the multitude of layers within make for a true journey that will no doubt scare away a few. The ending of the song is a thing of true beauty, with a sludgy guitar riff that melts your face off!

Ending an album this diverse and polarizing is a difficult task, but one that Post Death Soundtrack manages effortlessly. With their beautiful mini epic titled “Transform In White Light”, this album transcends into a truly emotional space. As if to send out a hopeful message of spiritual evolution, “Transform In White Light” methodically challenges our hearts to dig deeper, to search for more, and to hopefully wake up from a terrible and dangerous sleep.


The Unlearning Curve is something you have not heard before. It wears its musical inspirations proudly on its sleeve, but it doesn’t waste time trying to reproduce a familiar sound. An album as musically polarizing as this will no doubt have its fair share of mixed opinions, and for those not wanting to be emotionally tested or wakened, this might be a tough pill to swallow, however, for those that do not shy away from swimming in the deep end, and searching within for the important answers, this album might very well be the soundtrack you use to play as you travel through your thoughts.

Post Death Soundtrack can be found on Facebook, Soundclound, and Instagram.

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