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SINGLE REVIEW: Hearts Collide by Lexxica

Lexxica is a rare talent in the EM field. Her fluency across many subgenres like house, dub step, and electro, among others, makes her a bit of a chameleon capable of conjuring an assortment of voices through her music. The voice coming through on her latest single, “Hearts Collide”, is pure passion. This first release from her forthcoming second EP is a rollicking club jam with undeniable energy and a gloriously emotive vocal from this Los Angeles based singer/songwriter. Her debut EP impressed many and, if this first effort is any indication, the second EP will likely expand her reputation and carry her to the edge of superstardom. This is powerful music that isn’t merely fluff for a sweaty Saturday night, but also an intense musical embodiment of the fires burning in Lexxica’s heart.

The song embraces a gradual build, but doesn’t waste time. The writing employs the sort of dynamics one typically hears in rock music in its quick accumulation of sonic strength and how it embraces climatic moments in the track. It’s interesting how the backing track often sounds like an runaway train after the pre-programmed percussion enters and sets that quality against the comparative studied calm of Lexxica’s vocal.

However, that isn’t to say the singer doesn’t completely give herself over to the song. Lexxica picks her spots and delivers a surprisingly nuanced performance that seems to be aiming for rendering the mood of her experience accurately rather than matching or overpower the music. There’s layers of emotion in her voice but she has a great deal of energy as well that she manifests in a distinctly different fashion than the surrounding music.

The music is pure sensory overload. Synthesizers and keyboards wash over the song and occasionally seem primed for swelling out of the speakers. It isn’t white noise or clatter without reason, however. The electronic sheen is full of color, writhing around Lexxica’s voice, and the hard hitting drum machine tempo punctuates it well. There isn’t any self-indulgence plaguing the track either. Instead, Lexxica’s voice and the condensed arrangement keeps things focused to fine, fiery point.

Her impressive and exotic beauty, emotional delivery, and youthful energy merge into a memorable presentation. There’s much more to her, however. The song’s lyrical content shows a songwriter concerned with deeper matters and accurately depicting her experiences, but it’s her desire to connect that sets her apart. This is music of personal experience and wider community. Lexxica filters those aims through highly entertaining backing tracks sure to make people start moving.

Her continued dedication to evolving as a singer and finding the best possible forum for her presentation has lead to a clear leap over her first EP. The next effort from Lexxica will likely be an expansive take on multiple pop genres that plumbs deeper than the superficial while still retaining an immense capacity for entertaining its audience. “Hearts Collide” is clearly in that vein and deserves all of the exposure it can get.

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by Lydia Hillenburg

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