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INTERVIEW: Evie Ladin Band

Hi guys, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Doing great, excited to get on the toad with this record!

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Jump The Fire”?

Jump the Fire is the title track of the new CD – the energy and spirit of staying up all night playing music on those long summer nights out in a field with friends.  Right? It was the perfect setting for Keith to jump in with some Body Music, dancing when the tune plays in the middle.

Did any event in particular inspired you to write this song?

Conjuring up my favorite summer festivals, and how long warm summer nights make me about happier than anything.

Any plans to release a video for the single?

We have several videos lined up for other tracks of the CD we’re super excited about. Releasing soon!

Why naming the album after this track in particular?

I was all set to name the CD Cozy, another track that seemed to go well with our pictures, and was popular at concerts, but I got great advice that Cozy is not really the vibe of the band when you see us live.  Jump the Fire is very much the energetic vibe of the band, and was a great switch.  We scrambled a little to figure out the artwork, and I’m thrilled with the classic tattoo image on the cover – I might get that tattooed on me!

How was the recording and writing process?

After many years touring I took a two month sabbatical to regroup and focus on creative energy – give it the space it obviously needed, because new material just started pouring out.  I gathered all the song ideas I’d had all over my voice memos and journals, and just really focused on completing the songs.  When I brought the ideas to the band they just liked one after another, and together we created the music.  This record more than any other, the band evolved into a tight trio, with Keith Terry & Erik Pearson contributing deep musical and arrangement ideas until the lyrics and mood felt well-situated.  Recording, we mostly played live together in one room.  Previously we’d recorded with a lot of separation and I never felt like the records captured the energy of the live show – our forté. By playing and singing mostly live I felt closer than ever to the live experience.  I still have a hard time reducing our musical experience to just the audio, because the visual performance is so key!

What led you to blend Folk and African sounds together?

The African Diaspora is at the root of so much of American music – that particular mix of white, black and brown in this country was crucial to all the music that came after, and that has proliferated throughout the world! If anything, I’m tapping more into what is already there.

What was the story you were looking to tell on this album?

I think I uncovered the story as we collected the songs.  We let the track list be informed by a story line – typical human trajectories of party, love, deepening, family, weariness, heartbreak, loss, and picking yourself up and carrying on, perhaps starting all over again!  Big cycles in contemporary life.

Does NYC and Baltimore plays a role in your music?

Only in that I am not a staunch traditionalist.  I grew up with a lot of traditional music and love it dearly, but I incorporate other idea and sounds into the music and lyrics.

Any plans to hit the road?

Lots of tour dates in support of the new record, many shared with the Stray Birds.  We’re calling it the Solstice Roadshow – touring from San Diego to Seattle, and a big loop from Boston to NYC and back.  Always more tour dates down the road, but would love to get this band back to festivals!

What else is happening next in Evie Ladin Band’s world?

We live a double life between touring in the Folk/Americana circuit and the International Body Music scene – which takes us into music/dance projects around the world.  I love connecting music & dance, as it should be, and enjoy that I get to do that in so many different contexts.  Not all musicians get to live as versatile a touring life, and I enjoy it.  Like Walking in a Straight Line, if I did only this music/show all the time, I’d get bored, much as I love it!  The variety sure makes for an interesting tour life.

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