Giving Us Our Next Favorite Single, Oscar Vega Is Here To Stay.

From Woodbridge,Virginia comes the smooth voice and talented song writing skills of Oscar Vega. Currently lighting up the industry with his single “Lucy“, Oscar is aiming to show his fans why he deserves your full attention.

Lucy cover

Ryan: Your current two singles Lucy and Back are gaining a lot of attention. Any idea on when we can expect a full album?

Oscar: I have many projects planned. 2016 is still very young and the release date for my debut project called “Asylum” will be announced in the near future. All I’ll say for now is later this summer.

Ryan: What does your song writing process look like?

Oscar: After hearing an instrumental I will instantly think of an experience. This experience will then translate to a theme. After deciding what general concept I am targeting, I’ll then build on that topic with lyrics to complete said song. I build upon current melodies and background voices until I am satisfied with the polished end result. However, every song is created differently and has a unique way of being written.

Ryan: Where do you gather inspiration from?

Oscar: At the end of the day, music is just another form of expression, so inspiration ultimately lies within myself. I also enjoy placing myself in the shoes of others close to me and getting inspiration through their perceptions. Memories, experiences and ambition towards future desires keep me driven. Another drive is how my music could affect others in a positive way and be felt with helpful vibrations.

Ryan: How would you describe your music to someone that has not heard your sound yet?

Oscar: I offer thought provoking yet leisure music with a full spectrum of emotions yet in a way apathetic. My sound is more of an experience. I hope to portray my sound in a very open ended way that is free-minded and adaptable to many interpretations. It can be very dark yet swelling with light.  It is very honest and blends a multitude of genres and sounds.


Ryan: At this point in your musical career, what are some of your musical highlights?

Oscar: I believe my musical highlights are yet to come and that I have only released but a preview of the experiences I plan to impose onto listeners. The two singles I have out right now are highlights for sure, along with the many publication and radio opportunities I have received. Thank you to James Moore of Independent Music Promo. Both charting globally on Soundcloud and being added to a Mixtape on Spinrilla’s popular section have made me embrace and become appreciative for the support coming in.

Ryan: If you could collaborate with anyone on a future project, who would it be and why?

Oscar: Dead or Alive, I would love to collaborate with Capital STEEZ. I believe his insights and lyricism would’ve added a whole new twist to the sounds I have to offer. Alive, it would have to be Local Natives. I think If we were to team up we could create euphoric waves that would hit hard and be a perfect blend of each other. I could learn a lot and collaboration would be a humbling experience.

Ryan: How long did it take to write and produce the song Lucy?

Oscar: I wrote Lucy in one sitting, It probably took me less than an hour to write. Post Production took 2 hours at the most. Thank you to Nicolas Laget of Sweet Spot Studios. It was not the song that took a long time to make; it was the events and experiences leading up to the creation of ‘Lucy’, that took a while to manifest.

Ryan: What are your personal thoughts on the current pop music scene?

Oscar: Music is still a process and I think it is growing every day. In some aspects I think the current pop scene lacks content or creativity. Nonetheless, I have to respect the grind of those stepping forward and innovating the way we perceive music. I can see many great things flourishing coming from the pop music scene.

Ryan: Any plans in the future to make a music video for either Lucy or Back?

Oscar: I am in the process of making a video to the song “Lucy”.  I always welcome hard work, and an array of videos and short films are in the works and coming soon.


Ryan: Lastly, and thank you for your time. Do you have news that you would like to share with your fans?

Oscar: Thank you for this, I am looking forward to future endeavors. I would like to thank those who continuously support me. To end things off, I would like to let everyone know to keep their eyes out for a new song in the coming weeks.


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