Getting To Know The Sweet And Edgy Mimi LaRue

For Mimi LaRue music is an extension of her love for all things artistic. As both a comedian and a musician, Mimi fuses her interests together to create truly unique and hot-button-issue music. With her current single title “Country Star“, Mimi is looking to turn some heads.

Ryan: How long have you been in comedy, and in music?

Mimi: I’ve been singing since I was a little girl. I’ve never really thought what I’m doing is comedy. I’m not really trying to be funny, I’m just trying to have fun! Like one of my heroes Cyndi Lauper says, “Lying in my bed, I hear the clock tick, and think of you.” I just want people to lie in bed and think of me. (In a non-sexual way…)

Ryan: Although the songs are satirical and humorous, there feels like a serious message involved in the music you create. Is it safe to say that you have a problem with the current state of the music industry?

Mimi: Don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot of great music being made today and I definitely make my music with a lot of love and respect for all the styles I’ve covered (such as pop, rap, country). I would go out on a limb (possibly my leg) and say there is a bit of substance abuse that is happening in the music industry. Some of the music being made is lacking in substance and that’s an abuse! I do hope that my songs & videos encourage people to listen with their ears and minds and have a think about what their experience of art is. When I wrote Country Star with Carmen Trailer-Trash and Stash Weekly we certainly were thinking of the many amazing female artists who have a hard time breaking through in country music, I do have a problem with that..


Ryan: Your current single Country Star is quite the production. How long did the video take to create and what has been the response to the song so far?

Mimi: The wonderful Lincoln Hall and I filmed Country Star over 2 days in Nashville. We took to the street and just went for it, and the people you see in the video were all just amazing strangers who got on board with me and my message. And as fate would have it our last day in Nashville was the same day as the CMA’s so the whole project really felt blessed. The response so far has been really positive, though my father needed a little recovery time. When he first saw the video he said “Well Mimi, I don’t think you’ll get a lot airplay with this one…” I hope to prove him wrong.

Ryan: Where do you gather your inspiration from?

Mimi: The air. Things that make me think, “That is really inspiring”.

Ryan: What does your song writing process look like?

Mimi: It starts with an idea, like an entire chorus of “oh’s; or a word, like “country”. Once the concept is super strong like that the songs kind of write themselves.  But it is hard work and sometimes my head can hurt when I’m trying to find the right words but I just stick with it until I can’t make it any better.


Ryan: Are you specifically focused on creating comedic music, or do you also work in other parts of the comedy and entertainment industry?

Mimi: I just make whatever comes to me, I try not to label it or worry about being in a certain genre or style. I sing, write, and perform in many styles so who knows where it will go next. I’d love to explore my artistry across all fields like Kim Kardashian has – make a perfume, design a handbag, maybe even create the world’s first perfumed handbag…

Ryan: Do you have any advice for independent artists looking to make their first videos?

Mimi: Go for it! One of my YouTube haters commented on my first music video “Product” that with the money I spent making it I could have “built a library in Botswana”. That was a huge compliment to me as he obviously didn’t realise how little our budget was, so don’t let finances hold you back. Just get creative and collabor8!

Ryan: At this point in your career, what are some of your most memorable moments?

Mimi: Hugging a cowboy, co-writing with a Grammy nominee, connecting with all my peeps online – they inspire me so much, and the kindness and spirit of all the incredibly talented people who have worked on my videos and songs so far.

Ryan: Do you have any specific artists that you have always looked up to?

Mimi: Oh boy, there’s so many! Madonna was a real pedal-pusher and we have so much to thank her for. Ali-G because even though he’s cork-asian he’s shed light on many multi-coloured issues with no fear. I also love Kate Bush.

Ryan: Lastly, and thank you for your time. Do you have any news that you would like to share with your fans?

Mimi: Mimi LaRue loves them!!! I’m growing up, I’m finding my voice, and I have some really exciting projects underway including more singles/music videos and a new reality web series – without giving too much away I can divulge that I will no longer be flying solo!

<3 <3 <3

Mimi can be found on Facebook, Twitter and CDBaby


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