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Bringing The Storm With The The Magic Lightnin’ Boys

All the way from Cincinnati Ohio comes the awesome swamp rock and blues infused sound of The Magic Lightnin’ Boys. With their aggressively awesome new album titled Stealin’ Thunder, it looks as though The Magic Lightnin’ Boys are looking to give us all that thunder back, trust me, this is one high octane album.

Stealin Thunder CD Cover

Ryan: Band names are one of the most difficult decisions to make. What is the story behind the bands interesting name?

Brian: We were tossing around band names for a bit. We knew we had a swamp blues vibe and all the Voodoo/Mojo stuff was taken and overused. I was really influenced by the 80s movie Crossroads, about Robert Johnson and his deal with the Devil, and it actually comes from a scene at the end where bluesman Blind Dog Fulton gives his mojo bag to guitar man Lightning Boy before his guitar duel with the Devil’s hitman. He says, “This is the mojo hand, the Louisiana Voodoo charm, the winning boy’s magic. I’m giving you all the magic I got Lightnin’, now go out there and do your stuff.” We liked the old bluesmen names like Lightnin’ Hopkins, Howlin’ Wolf, etc. So we thought we would do a nod to that.   

Ryan: How long has the band been together and how did you form?

Casey: We have been together for almost two years now. We were mutual friends who have jammed together in different bands. Brian and I were jamming together in a band called Brass Owl. My wife passed away from Ovarian cancer and while I was taking care of her I wrote a bunch of songs. After she passed we got together with Richie and Kurt and formed The Magic Lightnin’ Boys as it is now.

Ryan: You are currently promoting the song titled The Ride as your lead single. What made you choose this song specifically?

Richie: Casey created a video for the song and the lyrics described the growth and development that we have experienced over the past year. We thought it was a fitting reminder to ourselves to “Enjoy the Ride”.

Ryan: Does your album Stealin Thunder have a specific theme that runs through it?

Casey: Where there is Lightnin’ there is thunder…?

Ryan: How long did your album take to make?

TMLB: This album took us about a year to develop from start to finish. After we finished our last album, we decided to do a full length with at least thirteen songs. The writing process for this album was a little different for us, we played the songs out live for quite some time before they were even recorded, so we were able to receive a lot of feedback from fans. We did all of the recording in house and we sat in on almost all of the mixing sessions. We then shipped the final mixes off to Brian Lucey who we had researched as one of the best sound engineers for what we were trying to achieve.

Ryan: What does your song writing process look like?

Kurt: Someone comes up with a riff, we put a beat to it and everyone adds their flavor. It’s usually a jam session and then Casey throws lyrics at it.

Ryan: Where does the band gather their inspiration from?

Casey: That is a tricky question. We draw inspiration mostly from life experiences, but we are also influenced greatly by other musicians. Casey pulls heavy influence from Blues, soul, rock , hip hop….Brian is inspired by Blues, Southern Rock, Classic Rock, Country…Richie is inspired by Rock, Hip Hop, Punk, (Les Claypool) Kurt is metal, Classic Rock, Hip Hop. We are all over the place…

Ryan: At this point in your musical career, what are some of your most memorable highlights?

TMLB: We played a couple hometown shows that were pretty amazing. We played RiversEdge in Hamilton to a welcoming homecrowd. We played on Channel 12 with Liz Bonis…but one of the most memorable was when we played downtown Cincinnati, Fountain Square. It had rained off and on all weekend and we weren’t sure if we were going to play or not. One of our roadies house was hit by lightning and actually burned down! We did play the show, we were projected on big screens throughout the city. It was awesome. 

Ryan: What advice do you have for an independent artist looking to make their own album?

Richie: It’s not easy. Take your time and don’t settle for less than what you can achieve. Be original, stay true to yourself and do a lot of research. But most of all, and it sounds corny, have fun.

Ryan: How would you describe your music to someone that has not heard it before?

Brian: We call it “Blues Swamp Rock” but we have been told that our music is “familiar”. We are often told that we sound like an old classic band and people do not realize that we are playing our own originals vs cover tunes. 

Ryan: Lastly, and thank you for your time. Do you have any news that you would like to share with your fans?

Kurt: We have a line of new merch coming out, we have been getting great reviews and new gigs are constantly popping up. Look for us at Navy Pier on July 16th in Chicago!

The Magic Lightnin’ Boys can be found on Facebook and their official site.

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