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What You Need for the Best Vaping Experience

Vaping has taken the world by storm. More and more people are now experiencing vaping. Whether they are seasoned regular cigarette smokers or someone entirely new to the experience of smoking. Let’s understand the concept of vaping and how to start with the same.

Vaping is a marvelous substitute for traditional smokers who are looking for new but recreational ways to get stop smoking nicotine-based cigs. To begin with vaping, you will need an e-cig that will be comprised of the following elements:

·  Battery

·  Atomizer

·  Vape juice


Let’s start with the battery first. All e-cigs come with a battery of some kind. The battery is what is used to burn the vape juice to create the vapor that gives you that fruity smell in your mouth.


The atomizer is where the vape juice is filled. So when you start your device, the battery power is used to heat the juice inside the atomizer to deliver the smoke or the vape when you inhale.

Vape Juice

This is the main ingredient. The vape juice is the stuff that is going to be burned to produce that flavored smoke. There are a lot of different types of flavors you can experiment with. It is only limited by your imagination. Best Vape Juice is the single most resourceful site when it comes to vaping juices of all flavors imaginable. They use all herbal and natural ingredients to prepare their vape juices in order to deliver the best possible vaping experience.

Most of the main e-cigs that you see on the market today contain a cartomizer. Earlier they used to use an ultrasonic atomizer. The cartomizer is more user-friendly compared with the cartridge and atomizer combination. With the former arrangement, you are required to insert the cartridge inside the atomizer and then use it to heat the flavor. But the cartomizer has eliminated that step and you can directly use it with your flavor.

Cartwheels for Cartomizer

The cartomizer is itself comprised of a tube that is filled with a dense poly fill material that surrounds a heating element. After the cartomizer was launched, it took the vaping world by storm and though you will find some shops selling the traditional atomizer / cartridge combination, most vape users have shifted to cartomizers.

The cartomizer is completely disposable and produces some of the best flavors in the world. Because they are so easy to use and develop, a subculture has slowly developed around the concept. A lot of enthusiasts are now experimenting with their own combinations in order to produce more smoke. All you need is a battery, heating element, and juice.


E-cigs started as an alternative to smoking cigarettes, which you can say is a very humble beginning. But as the subculture grew and more and more people started experimenting with them, new mods were developed. These mods offer different types of batteries with different watt settings to choose from, modes that were shaped differently like pen-shape, cylindrical, box-shaped, and so on.

A lot of e-cigs are now built in a way so that the user can modify it on the fly. More and more features are being added to it like the ability to control the amount to smoke that comes out of it.

There are also a lot of premade atomizers like cartomizer, dripping atomizers and clearomizer, and if all these are not enough, a lot of people are using custom made mods like making holes in the cartomizer and dripping it inside the juice filled bowl, using their own coil made from wires instead of buying coils from the market and so on. The mods are only limited by your imagination.

Safety Tips

Here are some safety tips that you need to keep in mind before you start your journey in the vaping world. There have been some reports on e-cigs exploding when they were kept in charging. Now this problem can be easily resolved by using an original charger that comes with your e-cig.

Using duplicate chargers can make pretty much anything that runs on batteries explode. Do not use duplicate or just any other charger simply because it fits the hole.

Do not put your e-cig to charge when you are about to sleep. This could lead to overheating issues. A rule of thumb for any battery operated device is to not leave it completely unattended when it is charging.

Once the e-cig has been completely charged, remove it from charging as soon as possible because we do not want it to cause any trouble due to over-heating.

If you are using a custom battery or coil instead of the one recommended by the manufacturer, then make sure that the batteries are properly rated for the coil that you are using in your atomizer. This will ensure that you are operating well within the safety limits of your battery.

As for the vape juice, just make sure that you are storing it in a cool dark place that is out of reach or out of bounds from your children or anyone else you think should not get hold of it.

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