CD REVIEW: Love Lost For Blood Lust by Bobgoblin

Pop rock with melodical influences reminiscent of Semisonic and the Foo Fighters shines bright in this record – what some fans are calling the band’s most focused and intense album. Love Lost for Blood Lust from Bobgoblin is the band’s first release in 14 years. It’s a refreshing collection of guitar-driven anthems replete with snappy, catchy vocals and syncopated drum lines. There is a common, upbeat theme throughout all of the tracks; it’s one of positivity and an almost major tonal quality overall. The album opens with “Feel No Pain”, probably the most single-worthy track on this release. It’s obvious that the band knows their way around chopped up time signatures and well-timed key changes, and “Feel No Pain” is a great example of this.

The second track, “Danger”, begins with just a guitar and a voice before morphing into a punchy, mildly-paced rock tune. Even though the rhythm guitar work on this track is impressive, it’s accompanied with a fairly simple bassline that just mimics the root of whatever the guitarist is playing. So, for fans of technical bass, this track isn’t going to satisfy.

Moving on into the album, we’re treated to “Waiting for the Sun” and “Some Things I Want to Say”, two songs that almost seem like they should be played one after the other for maximum effect. The subject matter pairs well and the upbeat tempo keeps the listener engaged in what’s going on in these songs, melodically. It’s kind of hard not to start tapping your feet, especially during and after the bridge in “Some Things I Want to Say”, where things get pretty energized.

“White Lines” is the second of three songs on the album that are under three minutes in length. Whether or not you prefer shorter songs, one thing is for sure about this track: the guitar solo is a scorcher. In fact, this is the only time throughout the entirety of the album when the lead guitarist really seems to come into his own. With that being said, there is still a lot of sonic goodness to be found in the rhythm guitar parts, so there’s a glut of good playing all around.

The next notable track on Love Lost for Blood Lust would have to be “Turn Gears Turn”, a longer but equally provocative song that really makes you want to start nodding your head. The groove is strong, the drums are heavy and there’s enough ‘oomph’ here to wake you up after a long night of whatever. One feature of the vocals that may or may not be obvious: there’s a fair amount of chorus or flanger being added. It’s not a raw voice, which could be off-putting for the purists out there.

All in all, “Love Lost for Blood Lust” is a significant offering from Bobgoblin. There’s enough energy throughout the record that one won’t be left wanting, and it’s possible that at least a couple of the songs from this record stand a chance at becoming popular singles.


by Bret Dianich

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